Hey You!

I love hearing and saying: “Hey you!” To me its message is: “You, who are a ‘spirited one,’ my attention is on you,” and indeed, the One Whose attention we want, has His eye on you, too.” So what is it that He wants us to know and do today? Are each of us tuned in with perked up spiritual ears to hear Him and to hear each other? How wonderful it is when our words come together: It’s like pieces of a beautiful picture puzzle revealing a mystery that our hearts have longed for.

Yesterday I heard the word “beacon light” and indeed, that’s what each of us is with a voice,… even THE voice. Truly, we are a sign of His coming to everyone who sees and hears us. It’s our unity and love that lets others know that the Christ in us is what they can have too. So, what are we doing to bring about that unity, eh? Is our light hidden under a bushel, or has our light become a lighthouse so brightly shining that there can be no shipwrecks in our fellowSHIPs? The “hey! hey! hey-word” I’m hearing loud and clear now is “Be reconciled”! … “Be reconciled to God first, and then be reconciled one with another.”

We have had many divisions in the body of Christ, but at this very moment there is a great empowerment being given to us to come into unity. However, there is a condition for this to happen: We must LISTEN to each other with an open heart WANTING to hear someone who differs with us. We may not end up changing our thoughts because of hearing their view, but we will be showing respect and honor to them and to the Christ in them…. And sometimes, we may even find out that we’re the ones who are in error.

I believe that having truth without love is like possessing eyes without having a heart. When we do not allow a brother or sister to speak, we are closing our ears to Christ and how often we forget that when one hurts, ALL hurt. I believe that if we truly love our Lord, we will reach out to ones in the body of Christ who are hurting and do everything we can to mend broken relationships for our Lord’s sake and for ours. It’s true that some won’t be reconciled because of their hard hearts, but that must not stop us from reaching out.

In the middle of my sleep last night, God pronounced this wonderful word over me: “You are going to run with the horses,” and then He gave me a vision of myself running and keeping pace with wild horses. It was glorious as all of them ran free with their long flowing manes blowing in the wind. Whoo Whee! Yes, I love “Whoo whee” as much as “Hey YOU!” as they both have the “h” (spirit) in them. My “Whoo whee” is about the joy and power that’s coming, not just for me, but for all who are consecrated to the Lord.

I made a spontaneous recording in 2020 with the title: “Run With The Horses” https://ridetheheavens.com/2020/07/05/run-with-the-horses/ and am amazed at how it ties in with this message. I hope you’ll listen to it, as it was a spontaneous word that I believe will bless you.

I think about how when I was a little girl that more than anything I wanted a horse, and now so many years later, God has answered that prayer in a better way: I believe that my blog “Ride The Heavens” is the tale-tail end of that prayer, so grabbing hold of it, I say: “HEY YOU, all you loving brothers and sisters out there: Let’s ride the heavens together and run, run, run with the horses.

It’s “Giddy-up” time!

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