Coming On Through

When I started worshiping in my prayer language this morning, I recognized a word that my son spoke in tongues when he was a little boy and occasionally since then. The words are: “Shia-shapia-eco-choliya,” but only today did I discover its meaning after “eco-chholiya” unexpectedly came in my own tongues and “Wow!” Ya gotta’ know I’m drinking sparkling wine with song bubbles bursting everywhere now! Only God could preach the gospel in such a way through an innocent child’s voice and belly, and then through mine. Truly, out of our bellies flow rivers of living water and Hallelujah! The water is turning into wine now.

”Shia” in Hebrew origin means “God of salvation” and also has the meaning of “Praise God.” “Shepia” is a vintage SCRIPT and “eco” is connected with the environment,… short for ecology. The word “Chholiya” has a meaning that in itself catapulted me into the heavens: It’s a dance form practiced in India which is a “SWORD- dance” that accompanies a marriage procession. 

Putting all these words together, it relays that when we speak in tongues, we are praising God, moving in salvation, speaking His Word (script,) and thus changing our environment, relationships and interactions. And don’t you know: The Holy Spirit has a specific script/word for us EVERY day that is decreed through our speaking in tongues. Truly this brings us into a dance (moving in step) with the Lord. A major point I believe that this message is conveying is that the “sword (word) -dance” is instrumental in preparing the Bride (the soul) to come into full union with the Spirit. Hear it and celebrate, all you who are the Bride of the Lord: Feet, words, and tongues are all moving in sync now to the tune of “I’m getting married in the morning!”

I took a nap later in the day and had a dream/vision in which I was in a store talking with a soldier who was in full uniform with medals completely covering the front of it. He informed me matter of factly: “I’m going to the arcade” and then asked where I was going. I cocked my head, smiled and happily replied: “To the moon and to the stars.”

In thinking about this dream/vision, the lyrics of a song I heard long ago came to mind: “Fly me to the moon and let me dwell among the stars. Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars. In other words, hold my hand. In other words, darling, kiss me. Fill my heart with love and let me sing forever more. You are all I long for, All I worship and adore…” Oh yes, it’s there in the heavenlies as we worship our Beloved that we ecstatically experience His love. Like the soldier in the dream, we have gone through many battles and have been victorious in them due to God’s grace and power, and NOW, we have much “IN STORE” for us.

I was perplexed (head cocked) about what the arcade represented and held off publishing this post yesterday because what the arcade meant spiritually hadn’t been revealed to me yet. I pondered all the different meanings of the word “arcade” and still, the heavens didn’t open up for me until today when I read that the etymology of the word “arcade” is a “vaulted space” from “ARCH of a bridge.” In a military wedding, traditionally the bride and groom walk through the “ARCH of SWORDS.”

Oh my brethren! God is amazing!!!! He is letting us know that a WARRIOR-Bride is coming forth! The SCRIPT is ON, so come on now: “Let’s get our ‘Shia shepias’ going… Let’s put on the finishing touches needed to perfect us, cock our heads, and rise up high. It’s time to dance and soon and very soon, those “Shia-shepia” tongues of ours will be singing:

“The Bride has made herself ready!”

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