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  1. Excellent Word! I received a word/vision in May, 2018, having to do with the Remnant mounting up to ride with Jesus, and this message brought this back to my mind:

    On April 29th, I was called away to a solitary place to be alone with the Lord. Upon arrival, I kept hearing the word “Prepare” in my spirit.

    Then the afternoon of May 1st, I heard the following:

    “Will you come with Me?”

    Jesus repeated this question as I was shown the following vision:

    I saw myself sitting on a horse, very straight and tall. My hair was pulled back, and there was a sword at my side. I understood I was waiting for others to mount up. There was great excitement and expectation in the air, as even my horse was stomping his feet in anticipation. Soon, all who were coming with us were mounted and ready to go.

    Although I didn’t see Him, I knew Jesus was leading this small army as we began charging toward the battle. I heard in my spirit, “We will quickly sweep the earth.” End of Vision


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