The Place To Be

This morning “shepherd-bride” came in my tongues and I pictured myself as a simple shepherdess. I was leaning on a staff as I was walking with a flock of beautiful, very white sheep, and I asked the Holy Spirit: “Where are we going?” His reply was “Into the heart of God.” Then immediately the thought came that it would be via a “capsule” and that the Father’s heart was the IN (Inn) place. Oh yes, we’re going in like a rocket’s capsule headed toward a sure destination!

I looked up the etymology of the word “capsule” and discovered this to be one of its meanings: “Thin layer of skin or soft tissue of the body, a term in anatomy, from Latin membrana “a skin, membrane; parchment, skin prepared for writing”, from membrum, “a limb, member of the body.” see member. The root of the word “member” is from “flesh, meat,’ and the etymological sense is “that which covers the body.”

It catapulted my thoughts in many different directions, from the sac that encapsulates a baby in its mother’s womb, to how the Word was made flesh, to our flesh being made the Word, to how meat represents doing the will of God and finally to the script that’s written in the volume of the book… So now you have a picture of my mind and you’re saying “Ye Gads!” and I’m saying: “Ye are gods in the making!”

The natural formation and birth of a human are types and shadows of our being developed by “Love” and then finally “BE-coming” it. Little by little, the church has fed us with life-giving words just as a mother nourishes her baby effortlessly through a fallopian tube. I see a shepherd-bride as being a fully formed member of the body who can say: “Follow me as I follow Christ.” When she walks in love, she carries the staff that can protect and lead others so that they will walk in love, too. Yay! God’s bride leads them to the Father’s heart.

Words from “The Gospel According to Thomas” have come now floating through my mind like water-filled clouds ready to rain down teaching. In Chapter 84: 9-14, it’s recorded that “the disciples said to Jesus: ‘Tell us how our end will be.’ Jesus said: ‘Have you then discovered the beginning so that you inquire about the end? For where the beginning is, there shall be the end. Blessed is he who shall stand at the beginning, and he shall know the end and he shall not taste death.’”

Truly, this is the time of our coming into deep mysteries that will raise us up into the highest heavens and there are NO formulas that can open them up to us. We’ve learned line upon line like children do in school years, but now is the time that all the lines are to be connected by THE SPIRIT. When we were learning the ABC’s, we didn’t know how to put words together, but after we learned them, it was a different story. We can’t go back to all the forms that brought us to the time and place we’re in now going on into perfection (the Father’s heart as ours) where we no longer need the elementary principles to lead us because they’re ingrained in us.

How I love it that finally the heart of God shall not only be made known to us, but be OURS. My son’s dog Ziggy, loves to snuggle up to me putting his head on my chest to listen to my heartbeat and how I love it when he does this. His name means “Victorious Protector,” and is that not exactly what a shepherd-bride is? So look up my brethren: We’re rising up into being what we’ve always wanted to be-….

even daystars shining with the Father’s love. Hallelujah!

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