Disquieted No More

“Disquieted” was unable to get up. She tried hard, crying and screaming: “I can’t come to you “Father”. I want to. You know I do, but I can’t. I don’t know why, but I feel like invisible chains are holding me to the ground”. “Disquieted””s image of herself was dark. Whenever she looked in the mirror, her face was black and try as she might, there was no removing the blackness. What she did not see was her heart…. vibrant, alive with a God-given passion.

She also did not see the temporary crystal dome that surrounded and prevented her from rising. Outside the dome were multitudes upon multitudes of bees ready to sting her were it not for the dome covering that protected her. The bees were killer bees which were a result of the prayers of self-righteous ones who took the word of God as a law to kill. These unrighteous, supposedly righteous ones were stirred up in great anger against “Disquieted” because her very presence brought great conviction upon them that they weren’t as righteous as they thought. “Disquieted”’s real name was “Glory” but she did not know it. On those occasions when the word of God was spoken directly through her, they hated her- actually, they loathed her so much that their innards fumed with gases that tormented them. They prayed to their false Gods believing that their prayers would put an end to their torments through the self-justification they felt in saying them. On the contrary, their prayers served as a hornet’s nest – a building up of stinging accusations that would return to them for they were oblivious to the law that stated: “Judge not, lest you be judged!”

     “Disquieted” was totally unaware of her attackers in the Spirit realm. She was disoriented, depressed and saddened each time she looked at the black image in the mirror and became so disquieted that she despaired of herself.  

“Salvation” who had been waiting for the moment that “Disquieted” would come to the end of herself, came bursting through the door of her heart with a thunderous shout. Help from on High, the angels Gabrielle and Michael with other heavenly hosts, surrounded the dome and in Gabrielle’s hand was a scroll on which the Word of God declared her deliverance. As soon as the word was read, every killer bee disappeared. Not one could be seen and the dome instantly lifted.

     A refreshing breeze blew upon “Disquieted”’s head. “Oh, oh!” she exclaimed. “I’m free!” The smell of the breeze intoxicated her and caused her to swoon with a delight she had not known since the last time she gazed upon her beloved – her prince who had been nowhere to be found in months.

     “Why has he gone away?” was her constant cry with the conclusion that it was because she was so ugly. Gabrielle brought “Disquieted” a new mirror- one from heaven, not at all like the earthy one she had been looking into. She gasped when she saw her reflection. Her face was still black but she did not see her skin- the flesh that so taunted her. Instead, she beheld eyes that flashed like fire and hair of gold that shined like the sun. Her whole being radiated with love. “Glory” no longer “Disquieted” was totally transparent but yet of solid substance. No weapon could prevail against her because of the new essence within her that had the power to repel all enemies.  

     She immediately stood upon her feet that were white as snow and when she opened her mouth a new song flowed with such majesty and sweetness that all of heaven stood at attention. “Destiny”, her long awaited one immediately appeared to “Glory” at the sound of her voice.

“IT is the hour of the fulfillment of all things”. “Destiny” proclaimed in one voice with “Dignity” and “Honor”, his faithful companions. “Only those who despair of themselves and trust solely in the Lord shall come forth in this hour. Only those who know that they can do nothing of themselves shall see the glory of the Lord. YOU dear “Glory” are such a one!”

Because the knowledge of the “Most High” was in their hearts with His fragrance exuding from them, the “New Day” had arrived with “Glory” and “Destiny” rising up to every occasion. Looking down would be no more!

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