On the Path of Broken Glass

“Tormented” was not alone- Inside him were “Rejection”, “Malice”, “Accusation”, “Rebellion” and others whose voices he heard night and day. He didn’t realize that these were spirits speaking to him, activating him to live an isolated life so that they would have full control.

“Tormented” prided himself on being a thinker and took refuge in the books of learned men… mostly men of the world who had wisdom, but not the wisdom of God. The spirits were delighted because as long as this one in whom they resided did not seek the wisdom of God, they knew that they could be safe. They did everything possible to twist and malign the words spoken to him from the messengers of The Most High God because they were well aware that if “Tormented” received God’s Word, they eventually would be cast out.

”Tormented”’s heart had been hard for a very long time resisting the messenger’s words with a fire that burned with hate and revenge for their intrusion into his life. He was not ready to repent for his ways and so the spirit of antichrist set up his throne in that hard heart of his; But deep down inside his true being, there was a voice that he could not still within- a voice that was felt. “Tormented” was determined not to have any part of a “feeling voice.” All feelings of intimate love were shut down in him because he innately knew that if he began to feel, he would have to face himself and facing himself was NOT going to happen if he had anything to do about it. And so “Resistance and “Rebellion were set up as thrones under Antichrist”’s domain.

Poor “Tormented.” Pain racked his mind, his heart and now his body because spirits have the need to inflict pain along with their mission to take over the mind and emotions of men. Determined to go on in resentment and anger building up in momentum, this hurting one put on heavy combat boots to walk on the journey. The boots were so heavy they brought pain to his legs as he traveled the road of emptiness…vanity…and vexation of spirit on the chosen path of broken glass.

The soles on his massive boots had been cut so many times that they could no longer protect his feet. “Tormented” was at the place of desperation- the place of hell within, but yet his pride kept him from turning to the Word of God.

“Mercy”, who had never left his side, was waiting patiently for him to see her, for it was through her that pride could be dethroned. There could be no seeing without her as she was and is the light to restore and make into one all the broken pieces.

Even though “Tormented“ sensed her presence near him, he was not ready to turn from his ways. “Intellectual Pride” would not let him see the simplicity of the cross of Jesus Christ. Yes, “Tormented” believed in the historical Jesus, but “Intellectual Pride” blinded him from seeing that suffering was the way to transformation, the very means to change him from the man he was into the man he wanted to be. He was just like Peter of old who allowed Satan a voice to speak through him saying: “Far be it (the suffering of the cross) from you.”

And just like Peter who denied the Lord, “Tormented” would have to be sifted and tried until he knew the truth… until he heard and believed the One who said: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except by me.”

“Mercy” and this “Glorious One” were waiting for “Tormented” to humble himself and take on their attributes, but that was possible only through denying “Intellectual Pride.”.

How long would they have to wait?

“The Voice” cries out today to every tormented soul: “Come that you might have life and it more abundantly. Come: Let faith be birthed. Come: Receive a NEW heart!

Will you come?”

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