While cleaning out a drawer this morning, I came across a note I had written about locusts. It is not by chance that I discovered it at this time, because I had a vision last night while praying for a sister in Christ that showed locusts and the move of God driving them away.

This is the note I wrote about the locusts in Rev 9: 3-11

Until we come into the full stature of Christ within ourselves, the locusts have power to torment us… They have power to torment us UNTIL we identify with Christ who is our life and only reality.

Rev. 9:6: “And in those days shall man see death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.”

These people aren’t seeking physical death – they are seeking to DIE to SELF.

The appearance of the locusts are “like” or “as” locusts: They are not LITERAL locusts: J. Preston Eby wrote: “The locusts represent the spirit, movement and activities of religious Babylon and religious delusions propagated by men and movements that bring great torment to our minds and hearts because they are misconceptions and lies. What is often overlooked is that the Book of Revelation is specifically about the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ in symbolical language.”

I see the vision I was given as showing that the PROCESS has begun in driving the locusts out of this sister’s life and out of the lives of those who are not yet dead to self which includes most, if not all of us. The lies and misconceptions are being brought to light and after all of them are exposed and driven out, we will be dead to self and Christ will have FULL rule. Hallelujah!!

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