The True Christmas

I once was anti- Christmas, but the Lord used what I read in the Book of Maccabees to change my mind and heart.

I want it known that I celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ- His birthday, His life, His death, His Resurrection, His love and His works EVERY day. God ordained that Passover, Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles be celebrated on specific days and also, that on the 25th of December, that the Feast of Lights (Hanukkah) which commemorated the cleansing and dedication of the temple be celebrated. Yes, it is true that there are pagan roots associated with the celebration of Christmas, but take note: the celebration of Hanukkah is NOT a pagan root. Therefore, I do not believe it’s a sin for people to celebrate Christ on this day. It belongs to the Lord… December 25th is HIS day, not the pagans’!

I am very much aware what is most important is that we spiritually experience what these days are only a type and shadow of, but to celebrate the natural days is not wrong. I believe that the natural days are good reminders of God’s work in us and I give Him praise when I do some remembering on the feast days.

As for Christmas day not being His birthday, we choose a day to celebrate a birthday when we don’t know the day the person was born on. What better day than the same day that commemorates the cleansing of the temple- the day that foreshadows the fullness of Christ manifested in His people,… even the birth of the manchild- the birth of Christ IN US?!

Since the day star is rising in me and I have bread and wine to give, I am most happy to serve the mass of Christ this year to all that are members of the body of Christ.

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