Vision: saw a shovel digging into the earth bringing up dirt. Something in the dirt that could not be seen shouted: “Don’t throw me away!”
I asked: “Who are you?”
The voice responded: “Your conscience.”

Romans 2:15- the conscience bears witness
Romans 9:1- the conscience bears witness in the Holy Ghost

I Timothy 3:9- speaks of having a “clear” conscience

Watchman Nee in “The Spiritual Man” says: “conscience is where God expresses His holiness……… If we were more disposed today to mind the voice of conscience, we would not be defeated as we are.”

Hebrews 9:14- we are to purify our conscience from dead works

Many scriptures admonish us to have a “good” conscience

“A single offense on the conscience may suppress and suspend the normal function of intuition in communing with God.”

“During the initial stage of a Christian’s walk, conscience only bears witness to right and wrong; as spiritual life grows, it bears witness as well to what is of God and what is not of God.”

“Conscience is like a window to the believer’s spirit. Through it the rays of heaven shine into the spirit..”

“Every time a believer does not listen to his. conscience, he damages his spiritual walk.”

The apostle Paul said: “I have lived in all good conscience up to this day.” Acts 23:1

“We lose our confidence when our conscience is murky.” Watchman Nee

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