The Veil of Chrystal Tears

“I cannot wear this veil,” the Bride wailed….This one who was known as “Innocent” in the heavenlies, but called “Wretched” by those on earth who had no spiritual eyes to see. The veil of tears was as a thing of reproach to her, and to wear it on her wedding day was shameful in her way of thinking

“Life,” the mother of “Innocent” and the mother of true Jews, patted the head of her daughter gently. “My beautiful one, it is not as you suppose. Don’t you know that the veil is going to be removed at the time that you kiss your bridegroom? He has eyes only for you, and your veil is not seen the same way by Him as you see it: If you did not have this veil that is so unseemly to you, you would not be fit to marry the one who has been known as “A Man of Sorrows.”

The bride trembled. Staring at the veil made of crystal tears, she still couldn’t see it as a something of beauty, but in that moment one of the crystals spoke in a very clear voice: “Oh, but I am beautiful,…. Every crystal tear is, for we brought you revelation,…. even the sun/son’s light that has caused you to see as the Father sees. Have you forgotten that His ways and thoughts are not yours?”

“Oh, oh, oh! You can speak. How can it be?!?” “Innocent” was so startled by the crystal tear speaking, she almost fainted. 

“My dear, ALL of creation speaks, but none can hear our voice until they have ears to hear, and you, who have been prepared for the marriage of the Lamb, now have ears to hear and eyes to see…. You have them because of us, your tears. Do not despise us, or your veil, because without us you could never have been prepared for your glorious day,…. the day all in heaven and all on earth have waited for.” As she spoke the brilliance of the light in the crystal took on another form…. even the form of “Joy.”

“I am a sign to you, of what will be yours  the moment you kiss your Beloved: All sorrow shall be completely removed then and in the lifting off of the veil and in the kiss, “Spirit” shall be fused completely with “Soul.” “Joy” shall be in sorrow’s place,…. even the fragrance of the Lord….Yay, His “essence” that shall draw every man into the kingdom in the last days.”

The brightness of the crystal of “the knowledge of the Lord,” was so great that the crystal tear appeared as a “sun.” “Imagine what it will be like when all of us shine together,” she exclaimed to  “Innocent,” which of course, was impossible for her to do as it was beyond what she could think at that moment. It was like trying to imagine all that was unseen beyond the “Milky Way” galaxy. But ah, the Bride shall know in  THAT day, for the carnal mind shall be removed when the veil is lifted. 

Do you, one soon to be the Lamb’s wife, realize that you shall be participating with Him in creating many, many wonders in the ages, and ages, and ages to come, and on into eternity where there is no time? So do not despise the tears that have made way for your entrance into “The Impossible Made Possible.”

Hallelujah! for those who cry,…. for those who shall reign with Christ,…. for those who become “Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory”! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The heavens are rejoicing!

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