Are You Reconciled To your Flesh?

This is the dream I was given more than a  week ago: I walked into my living room and oh my! my wrinkled, 80 year old body was totally naked. My daughter was in that room and I was shocked to see a very handsome young man there, too. Extremely conscious of my wretched body and the sight I must have been to them, the thought I had was brought out in the dream: ”Oh, how old and wrinkled I am!” I lamented to myself. 

In the next scene, I was trying desperately to find the right clothes to wear, and finally I chose a black dress that had tiny clusters of lights sprinkled all over it. Their color was a brilliant, beautiful blue and I asked my daughter how I looked in that dress. She told me that I looked just fine,…. but I wasn’t so sure. 

So what is this dream all about, eh? Oh brethren, we look at our flesh and think “Yikes!,” especially when we‘re old. We would like it to be “perfect” eh?, and like the Apostle Paul, we cry out: “Who shall deliver us from this body of death?” But oh look at what this dream conveys to us: Where we live in the Spirit (our living room) a handsome man, even our “spirit man” is there, and yes, he sees our flesh. The dress I chose was black, symbolic of death, but out of death comes “LIFE,” eh?….even by light that’s full of power and purpose. When we finally see ourselves as “black but comely,” what rejoicing comes! It’s imperative that we realize that there’s nothing good in our flesh, and that when we put on “truth” covering our flesh with it, we’ll become “like God.” 

Can you hear the Lord God (Yaweh-Elohim) saying: “Man has become as one of us, knowing good and evil”? (Genesis 3: 22) Do you know that when we are of “full age,” THEN, we will  “discern” good and evil, not “eat” the fruit of it. I believe that this is the reason God put the tree of good and evil in the garden giving us the opportunity to make free-will choices to serve Him, and not only be like Him, but be His children. It wasn’t the devil who created that tree-…. It was GOD, who knew that good would come of it in the end.

My daughter, who is the fruit of my  womb, represents my spiritual fruit, as well, which has “grown up,” as she was shown not as a baby in the dream, but as a mature woman. Seeing me through God’s eyes, she DISCERNED how wonderful those sprinkled lights were with the might that comes from the sprinkled blood of Jesus. The color blue is symbolic of might and of heaven. Oh yes, we have heavenly places in us and dwell there when we operate in the mind of Christ…. Truly, it’s when we put on (clothe ourselves with) the Lord Jesus Christ Who is “light.”

How many realize that the work done in Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a type and shadow of us being processed and then finally transformed into the fullness of Christ? In the end, Jacob, the third in development, represents the third feast, (the Feast of Tabernacles) being fulfilled  as he comes into reconciliation with Esau (the FLESH.) It has always amazed me that Jacob saw Esau’s face as the face of God, not the other way around. Oh brethren, when we are finally reconciled with our flesh, we too, shall see God and be like Him. It’s true that there’s nothing good in our flesh, but that flesh of ours is SPRINKLED, and those sprinkles represent the most powerful substance in all of creation-….. the blood of Jesus seen now in “light-form.” Our flesh is but the backdrop for the glorious work of God, and without it, we could not have a divine EXCHANGE,….. without it we could not become the children of God transformed into His image….  without it, we would only be like the angels who were created beings, not generated ones having God’s genes. 

So what you have before you in your spirit’s eye is a wrinkled, old body and multitudes of many other unseemly bodies that are shortly going to be changed into immortality,….even ones that are fearful and WONDERFUL in the sight of the Lord, and now in mine. Let us also see the SPRINKLES and our bodies together as one with deep  appreciation, and love the working of God, love Him, love others, love our lives. and yes, love our flesh:…. NOT the DEEDS of the flesh, but these flesh bodies of ours that carry the glory of God in them.

It’s time we realized that no butterfly could have become a new creation  without having been a caterpillar first, and we, likewise. These mortal bodies of ours shall soon be putting on immortality, but in the meantime, God is wanting us to be reconciled to our flesh. He desires that the fragrance of the knowledge of Jesus Christ so permeate our lives, that the whole world will be smelling “Love Is On,” a perfume made just for God’s people. 

It’s THEN that everyone will be seeing “lights” and shouting: “Glory,”…. NOT “Yikes”!

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