When The Burden Gets Too Heavy

The vision is of me, but I believe it’s for all of us whose burden seems too much to bear:

I saw myself lying flat in the middle of a road and I was bound by ropes, unable to get myself free. A huge truck came speeding down toward me, and when it looked like I’d be crushed, I screamed: “It’s going to run me over!” God soundly negated my words, decreeing: “No, it won’t!” and then angels lifted it up high above me carrying that truck effortlessly by. God is good! God is faithful! God is merciful! Hallelujah!

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but He delivers them out of them ALL!” (Psalm 34: 19)

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  1. How interesting! Yesterday when I was walking I saw a young man with blond hair approach me on the sidewalk and he was carrying a large bag. All of a sudden he fell down as soon as past me. I looked at him and kept saying “are you OK buddy?”. I looked at where he fell and it was an uneven area of the sidewalk that the roots of the tree pushed up and the “burden” he carried obstructed his view so he tripped over it. It got me contemplating stumbling blocks and the I read your post later that day and said to myself that can’t be a coincidence so I thought I would share.

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    • Another “Wow!” The thought that came is that there is going to be revelation of the roots of the tree of good and evil that have caused us to stumble. Those roots are going to be pulled out and the carnal mind (death) will be no more in the overcomers…. We will be like Enoch who pleased God by faith and didn’t “taste” death…. I so look forward to having communion with you Michelle, as there is no doubt in my mind that our connection is divinely appointed.
      Blessings and love,
      P.S.: I have some things to attend to today and plan to write you later. My E-mail address is 3newbeing@gmail.com in case you have something for me to look at before we communicate.


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