Victory Over Jealousy

“Calamity” had come of age and was ready to make her debut. The name “Beauty” that her father had given her at birth had been changed by her mother’s pressure on her father, and because she was the Jezebel of all Jezebels, the King caved into her wishes. She, as well, had a changed name from “Innocent” to “Tyrannical” when she allowed jealousy a place in her. Both mother and child were beautiful in appearance, but their hard hearts could be seen in the coldness of their eyes.

“Tyrannical” had been jealous of “Calamity” from the day she was born because she couldn’t stand the King loving and admiring anyone more than her,…. even her own baby. Her fierce jealousy increased every day, affecting everyone in the whole household. She made sure that “King Insipid” spent as little time as possible with their daughter in her childhood, filling up “Calamity’s” schedule with activities that were supposedly good for her. Consequently, “Calamity” had no time to know her father: The only occasion she saw him was when he kissed her “good-night” at bedtime.

Strangely that kiss had a power in it that infiltrated deep into her little spirit. Ah, the spirit of a child always knows when it’s loved or hated, and “Calamity”’s name would become “Chastity” because of her father’s love, little expressed as it was…. The King’s name in the end would also be changed and written in the “Book of Life” as the name “Strong.”

This family was/is a picture of the people of the world. The monster “Jealousy” in the heart of all men has been the tyrant of world disorder. Every man has envied others in their innermost place, the Holy of Holies within, that had been changed into the place of chains. This jealousy stemmed from the devil’s power-…. from the feeling his thoughts produced in them that conveyed inferiority when they saw what another person had that was not in their lives. No one realized that everyone’s beauty was their own, because their eyes were blind in seeing that everyone was a part of themselves. Instead of loving and cherishing the beauty and assets of others, they were hated, and many wars came upon the earth due to envy, jealousy and inferior feelings.

The day had come though that that was about to change everything-…. a day of great darkness and at the same time, of great light. “Calamity”’s appearance was ordained to make it so, and after her work would be done, no one would feel superior or inferior…. Everyone would love one another and realize they were/are one.

Rejoice people of God, “Calamity” is at the door and every man’s name shall be changed! Hallelujah! “When God’s judgments are in the earth, the people will learn righteousness.” (Isaiah 26: 9)

After writing this allegory, I heard the Father say a word that I believe is not only for me, but for all who have been rejected and persecuted for His name’s sake: “You were castrated long ago, but the rod that was cut off, shall be replaced by one greater than the one savagely taken from you. It is the “Kingdom Rod” activated by my seven-fold spirit. Jealousy has made eunuchs of my people making them servants of those who wield their power for their own glory. I say to you that ALL men are jealous until they recognize their desire to be “The Greatest One” for self’s grandeur for what it is. Know that the desire to be great is of me when that desire is for the Kingdom’s sake. I want my people to be great and glorious, and this is the time that those in the religious world who persecuted my people shall be astonished at the ones I have chosen. Only a few of these will be changed as they realize their nakedness, and when they do, my mercy shall cover them. The haughty and proud ones will come to you, who they cast out, and humble themselves at your feet wasking for forgiveness.

Know that calamity is ordained for the removal of pride, the greatest enemy of the salvation of my people. I say: “Only the meek and lowly shall enter my kingdom, thereby empowered to destroy the kingdom of darkness…. You can be such a one in the moment you repent in dust and ashes of all pride, jealousy and hardness of heart within you.

Yay, THEN, you shall be “My Beauty”!

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