The Call of Nobility

“Guileless” was locked in a room with “Stealth”, “Deception”, “Error”, and “Dark Foreboding” who tormented her non stop. This seemingly helpless one needed the key from the third heaven before she could get out, and how she could get it, she knew not. 

Because she was guileless, “Stealth” thought he could easily steal the gold crown on her head, but every time he attempted to do so, unseen hands from above blocked him and he could press in no further to accomplish his desired end. “What the hell is going on? #xo! blankety, blank, blank!” he loudly cursed her. As soon as he did, the curse turned back on him, even fiery darts that caused him to have a horrendous headache. “Deception,” who was looking on wondering why “Stealth’s” hands had been stopped in mid air, thought to himself that something had to have gone amiss with “Stealth’s” inner working power-…. that there must have been a backward discharge from a charge gone awry. “That’s all right bloke,” he assured “Stealth” with a wink. “I am the one to get the job done-…Just watch and see!”

“Guileless” was sitting down in a heavenly chair in the middle of the room. It looked just like a regular wooden chair with no special frills or beauty, but within the wood was ascension power: The chair could turn into a chariot every time she prayed taking her to heaven where she could receive needed instruction. But “Guileless” had forgotten the power she had when she was seated in heavenly places because of “Dark Foreboding” gaining all of her attention. So there she sat all day long listening to “Dark Foreboding’s” predictions of doom and gloom.

Now “Deception” had gathered up all his know-how to entrap “Guileless.” He boldly walked up to her, put his hands on her shoulders and in a sweet, demure voice said: “ I’ve come to help you “Guileless”… He had changed himself into an angel of light, and because he looked so beautiful, a little ray of hope entered “Guileless”’s mind, but thankfully not her heart. She had been instructed by the “Most High God” to always guard her heart and so she knew better than to open her heart to every thought that came into her mind.

“How can you help me, beautiful angel and what is your name?” she asked.

“I cannot tell you my name right now because it’s a secret that you are to discover by yourself. Remember how you learned the names of God? As your heart sought to know Him, each of His names were revealed to you in due time. This is also true with my name, so just trust me…. Trust that you will come to know as “Enlightenment” comes from the second heaven to assist you.

“Guileless” did not check with the “Spirit of Truth” within to ask if the words from “Deception” who had come as an angel of light were true. “So how can you help me?” she asked, not realizing she was about to be deceived.

“First, dear little one, I want you to know a little about me: I have come to you, even sent to you from a very distant place called the “Second Heaven,” a place where knowledge is stored and where emissaries are born to give out that knowledge to people on earth. I was born with a silver-like spoon in my mouth with which to feed you and to others the exquisite knowledge I have. What is your favorite food “Guileless”?”

Her response was immediate and with great joy she exclaimed: “Oh how I love manna from heaven!”

“Well then,” “Deception” replied. “You are going to love what I have for you because it is very similar to the manna that you love. It is called “Angel Cake.” Here: Take a little bite.” In that split second, the still small voice inside “Guileless” gave her that familiar “uh, uh” sound and her stomach started to feel queasy. She knew better than to take that piece of cake “Deception” held out to her.

“Er, my stomach doesn’t feel too good and I’m not really hungry right now, so thank you, but no thank you… I wish I knew your name so I could address you properly,” she added with concern reflected in her voice.

“#<%*!” “Deception” muttered to himself realizing that he wasn’t going to get very far with “Guileless” on this day. “I’ll come back tomorrow “Guileless,” when you’ll be hungry and I’ll make fresh cake just for you right out of the second heaven’s magnificent oven. 

“Guileless” felt relieved when he went away and at the moment he did, her faithful companion, the “Holy Spirit,” showed up. “You do not have to know the angel of light in order to know his name, for I shall reveal it to you now, removing you out of his clutches. This imposter is called “Deception,” so block your ears to all he says little one, and you shall be protected.” How “Guileless” was thankful for the “Holy Spirit‘s” presence and words. How many times he had been there for her, keeping her from harm through revealing God‘s wisdom and understanding to her. She truly knew how blessed she was to have him in her life.

As she sat in her chair praising God for His help and love, the chair turned into a golden chariot that ascended into the invisible realm whisking her away. When she was brought before the throne, a hush came over all the hosts of heaven because they realized that something of great importance was about to take place. “Guileless” rose up from the chariot and threw herself prostrate on the ground before the One who sat on the throne. With tears of joy streaming down her face and with feelings of great wonder, she hardly knew what to think. “How can I be here?” she questioned. “I’ve never been in the third heaven before- What can I say or what can I do?”

Knowing her thoughts even before she thought them, a voice like many waters commanded her to rise. The voice was so majestic and powerful that the angels had to help her because her legs were so wobbly that she couldn’t get up. Every part of her shook… every cell was electrified and from the great light emitted into her, strength, love and courage came for her to be able to receive the great commission that was about to be given to her. 

“Guileless,” you have been chosen to receive the scepter because you have been one who has been without guile-… one who has obeyed the command to love and be merciful, to do justly and to walk humbly with God and man. This is the awaited hour on earth when all men shall behold God manifesting Himself through His appointed ones.

You have been kept in a locked room for a very long time not knowing how to get out. Now you have the scepter’s power to bring forth the golden key which will unlock every locked door, but before you use it to unlock the door of the room of your shackling, you must first confront “Error”. Even though you have been without guile, “Error” got a foothold into your ancestor’s lives and found a place in you as well


As soon as “Error”’s foothold is removed, the key will materialize out of the scepter’s efficacy to open the door of your confinement and you shall not only be free, but you will be one among those who stand on Mount Zion judging the Mount of Esau. You, “Guileless,” shall be called “Nobility Come”-… even a righteous judge of the world. 

Now go forth little one, and do what you’ve been called to do. The time of the end is here!”

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