Surely A Wonder To See

“Surely” walked with “Goodness” and “Mercy” all the time and because of her stability and love, she was a woman of renown in the city of “Dim Light.” The words of her lips carried dew drops with them that renewed people’s lives. Her smile was a source of great cheer, and her eyes had a twinkle in them that brought starlight to the forlorn and to the depressed who sat in darkness. She always carried a basket that contained ripe fruits of every kind that her generous hand gave freely to others. Every morning she would rise early to bake fresh bread for the hungry in her city who had no money. Oh my! What a doer of good works she was!

“Surely” had a great longing in her heart that she couldn’t put her finger on. A throbbing let her know it was there whenever she looked way yonder past the beautiful fields of lilies that stretched for miles around the city. By instinct she knew that her longing had to do with the eagles who all gathered in a place called “Higher/Pure Thoughts.” She had been told that this place had a key in it that would open the door to “Immortality.”

So every day she would pray to the Lord: “Take me where I can soar with the eagles.” “Surely” was sure that her prayer was answered and that one day she would be there. She didn’t know how because her living in the place of “Dim Light” provided no transportation to the city of “Higher/Pure Thoughts” and to the higher experiences that led to immortality. While the city of “Dim Light” had half-built walls of truth that surrounded it and a few dwellings of wisdom and understanding within, it had no faith companies that produced pure substance. Without faith it was impossible to live past ordinary circumstances, much less soar to heights unknown.

And so the throb in “Surely’s” heart increased. One day when she was digging in her garden of “Plenty,” intending to plant a myrtle tree there given to her by her mother “Hope,” she discovered a treasure box buried deep in the ground. Such a fluttering of her heart came. She KNEW that it contained something of great importance when she brushed off the dirt on the top of the box having the seal of the “Almighty” with Hebrew words inscribed in gold letters. She thought to herself: “This treasure box must contain the “Words of Life” my father “Love” told me that I would find one day. The angel “Promise” had led her to the exact spot knowing that this was the day of “Revelation” for her- .. the day that jewels would be made up of every person who fulfilled their destiny by believing the promises. How could “Surely” not believe having had “Love” and “Hope” raise her up from the time that she was a little girl? She most surely did.

With trembling hands she opened the box and in it was a glorious white feather that had silver tips on it, an ancient scroll containing the “Words of Life” timed for her, and an eternal apple. “Surely” didn’t realize that the apple was eternal as she wondered how it could have been kept preserved for so long. A slight breeze came upon her as she contemplated how this could be when the voice in the breeze whispered: “When you give the divine apple to your Beloved who dwells in the city of “Higher/Pure Thoughts,” you shall become one with him: It is the chemistry of “Unity” that will produce the blessing that will be the key to bringing you into immortality.”

The whisper that was only but a tiny breath at first, instantly became a wind with particles of gold dust in it. The gold dust had power to penetrate deep within “Surely” into every cell becoming musical notes. ”Promise” told her: “When you arrive in the place in which you will be totally transformed, these notes will sing the new song written in your DNA before you were born. You will materialize before men as a “Symphony” bringing reconciliation and restoration upon all the earth.

Realize that the white feather is a symbol of the reality that you will be one feather among other glorious ones who will form the headdress of the Chief ruler of all creation. You will not only be part of the headdress, but you will be part of the head. Now eat the words of the ancient scroll,” “Promise” commanded her. 

Because of her great appetite and because her steadfastness, “Surely” produced an ability to take in life abundantly, the scroll was eaten and assimilated in one bite. Wings sprung forth out of her sides which brought her instantly to the city of “Higher/Pure Thoughts” As she was flying through the air above “Dim Light,” she could see the myrtle tree grown up in full bloom. It was a sign and a memorial conveyed to all the people that “Surely” had become the “Queen Esther” of her day, part of the Melchizedek Order Priesthood who would return to be a savior to their city. It was prophesied in the beginning of time that one of their own would become a great name changer. Because of her, “Dim Light’s” name was destined to be changed to “Fullness of Light” shining forth as the brightest light of all creation. Truly, the time was coming.

When “Surely” arrived in the “City of Higher/ Pure thoughts,” multitudes of eagles fluttered their wings around her and the winds of their rustling brought with them the “Spirit of Prophecy” that entered into her and filled her. Her brother/beloved “Steadfast” had been waiting for her, having been told that this was the day of her coronation, as well as his own. All of heaven’s eyes were upon them as they joined their hands and hearts with a multitude of angels singing: “Holy, holy,  holy are these being joined together.” The golden apple that “Surely” had in her heart, placed there through invisible righteous power, instantly sprung out of it upon the thought of bringing it forth. In the city of “Higher/pure Thought,” this was the ability that every citizen had. 

She gave the golden apple to her brother which was heaven’s wedding gift to both her and her beloved. As they ate the apple it turned into bread and wine in their bellies where Love and Faith were conceived to bring forth a new universe to come. The eternal song of celestial light broke forth in each of the cells of “Surely” and “Steadfast” in the greatest harmony ever heard on earth… Yay, the symphony sounds of the new age had begun, because don’t you know?:

When you are steadfast and sure in your faith, you can only produce a “WONDER”!

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