A Sealed Destiny

“Sealed” was once named “Bewitched”….Oh my! She had been under the spell of the law all her life, always measuring herself with it and coming up short. Jealousy had found a place in her because she compared herself to others using the yardstick of the law: She wasn’t beautiful enough, smart enough, loving enough, perceptive enough, powerful enough… She just wasn’t enough until her Beloved came into her life who had eyes that looked past every flaw and weakness and saw her heart as more beautiful than anything he had ever beheld. Because he saw her with the true eyes of love, his eyes became her eyes and both of them had the twinkle in them that would change their mortal bodies in the time to come.

“Sealed” had the redemption ring of glory given to her by her Father in heaven. The silver ring had love’s insignia on it, and as long as this ring was kept and cherished, her destiny and her beloved’s destiny were sealed. When she met her beloved, “Sealed” didn’t know immediately that he was her brother destined before the beginning of time to become one with her… The ring was intended for their sealing for unless two become one, no seal could be given. “Set me as a seal upon your heart” was her cry before it became his… Just as God withdrew Himself from His chosen for a moment, her Beloved had to fulfill the plan of the Father’s blueprint in their lives. All of God’s chosen ones would come to know that perfection does not come without an interplay of good and evil… without rejection and then a return unto glory. “Sealed” would soon realize that she was not only ordained to be sealed unto glory, but unto unto the birthing of a totally divine being without sin.

A trumpet blared loudly and activated by its sound, the angel “Gabriel” appeared unto “Sealed” saying: “This is your hour “little one,” for you have believed the promises of God. Because you have sought for love with all your heart, you have found it and your destiny is now sealed from this day forward. The love in your heart will bloom as a flower that will cover the earth with a fragrance like no other. In the darkest night of all, your fragrance is what will give men hope. My words are being sealed in your heart right now… You are the “Shekinah Glory” long waited for.

The angel Gabriel” poured oil upon her head -the oil called “the Seed of David Anointing.” At the same time of his doing this, her Beloved was translated to be with her and the oil was poured upon his head as well. “Because you have been found faithful,” the angel announced: “the blessing of Abraham shall be upon you both. Many nations will come forth from you and men will know that you are loved and that you ARE love. Now say to one another: “Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm,’’ for as you decree them together, the words and their substance will be established forever. Know that no man or woman can put asunder what God has put together… Jealousy can never gain a foothold in you as long as you always remember this, because no other human being can satisfy you or complete you… Only the one ordained by God can. Be confident and sure in this very thing, and you will know joy all the days of your lives.”

And so it came to pass that the two became one. THIS is the mystery upon which life is hung…. even the coming forth of a new heaven and a new earth!

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