The Last Word

Don’t you love it when candor and clarity come giving us a true picture? Way back in my mother’s day, she had a darkroom in our house to develop the lovely photographs she had taken. Don’t you know?- You’ve got a darkroom, too… We all do in our minds, and some of us stay in it a long time, but when things are out in the open, we have heavenly sunshine beaming down on us and we get the picture.

God recently gave a prayer partner and me an unusual vision of our coming together at the waist where truth and righteousness meet. The Bible states that God confirms His word with signs and wonders and when she and I prayed together, her 4 year old granddaughter spoke in tongues for the first time. The child was playing by herself and just spontaneously did it as she heard us praying. I believe that our Lord was not only blessing her, but giving a miraculous “yay” and “amen” through this sign confirming what He had revealed to us.

A vision came afterwards of my hand pulling out several swords that had been invisible inside me, using those swords (scriptures) in a powerful, triumphant way to come against the enemy. Words of life are in us, but we have to draw them out with a “war” cry if we’re going to take back what was stolen from us. That war cry is being restored in me now and in many others. I have had the belief and still do that everything is in the Lord’s hands and that He will take care of us. Yes, that’s true, but it’s only half the truth. If we don’t pray “through” and take authority, the answers to our prayers are hindered and we’re thinking: “Why aren’t YOU doing something Lord?”

I was given a dream the night before that was an eye opener… even the picture I needed for clarity to be developed in MY dark room. It was not only for me, as I believe in the dream I represented the body of Christ and what we all face with people who choose to abide in the flesh. Since the beginning of 2020, the word “strangulation” has come to my mind time and time again and I didn’t fully understand “why” until now. Think about it: Isn’t the loss of freedom of speech “strangulation”? We are seeing it happen on a grand scale all over the world since the pandemic, but it always happens whenever God’s people speak God’s Word that isn’t received.

This is the dream: A woman came to my door and I let her inside. In the next scene I was with her in the home she lived in which was just one wide, large room with ONLY grass on the floor, nothing else and I realized that there was no bed to sleep on in her home.

I was told that she had chosen to live in this place in order to keep a huge wild cat which looked like a leopard but with much bigger spots and had a much fuller body. As I watched them together, she was enmeshed with the beast like she was a part of it.

In the next scene, another person came and later there were more people, and in the end we were seated at a table… One person talked, then another person, and I was patiently waiting for my turn realizing that what I had to say would be climatic.

At the end of the dream I heard a word having the name “Porsche” in it which led to “Boris” which means “wolf.” Truly, there are people and ministries that are like wolves that come to try to steal, kill and destroy in our lives and thankfully when they do, the Lord reveals it to us.

I believe that God used this dream to confirm that a wolf had come into mine and to show what “drove” that person. There was nothing but grass in her (the soul’s) dwelling which is symbolic of the “flesh”…. “All flesh is but grass” the Bible tells us (I Peter I: 24) and when a person abides in the flesh, there can be no rest (no bed to sleep in.)

The soul in the dream chose flesh over the spirit because she loved “the beast.”… (the world) and was “one” with it as was shown by her being enmeshed with it. In the last scene, conversations took place showing there was talk going on about the situation I was involved in but then we got down to business at the table. God prepares a table in the midst of our enemies (deceptions, lies, hatred, persecutions, accusations, jealousies, etc, ( FLESH) eh? and how thankful I am that we know the outcome: Truly, all of us who have been bearers of the truth shall be vindicated!

So take heart my brethren: The world and Christians steeped in tradition and in lies may shut us up for a season… perhaps for many seasons, but know of a certainty:

The TRUTH shall have the last say in the end! Hallelujah!

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