No Buts Allowed

Are you ever surprised at what God shows you that’s in you? Here we are “Holy Ghost filled, Word-talking, knowing we’re no longer the flesh, but Christ” people, so how can it possibly be that ”THAT” got a hold of us, whatever that is? It’s like we have playing cards that we think are hearts, and when we open up our hand, there’s not even one of them in it. No, I’m not a card playing woman, but God’s bringing my attention to a play I made and I gotta’ admit that my heart sank after the Lord showed me in spades what was there.

My flesh is not who I am; neither is yours and when God exposes “whatever,” it’s not to shame us: It’s to get a spade working to dig the dirt out of us, and doncha be telling me you don’t have any. We all do and we all have a war going on as our flesh fights against the spirit. Whether we want to admit it or not, our flesh can and does get belligerent. My bare behind is not at all what I want anybody to see, but I’ll be “mooning” you now, because the Lord says to confess our faults one to another. When we do, there’s “light.”

It wasn’t until I heard the word “belligerent” first thing this morning, that I could clearly understand that the decision I made yesterday wasn’t right. Conviction always comes when our Lord puts His finger on something, eh? The moon is there to shine in the dark, so here’s my story with some ”Michele” moonlight in it for you to see:

I have a sweet, baby sister that I didn’t know existed until late in my life. I met Gin face to face in 2012 and not having seen each other in many years, she wanted us to do FaceTime together. However, every time I looked at myself in the mirror, it stuck its tongue out at me and it was definitely not in my heart to do this. My beautician gave me a “Ye Gads” haircut, and the color was brassy orange, and then she toned it to a very mousy brown, so that along with a few more wrinkles, sags and bags made me want to do FaceTime in the dark with NO moonlight. That was not possible, so after I kept my sister patiently waiting for a week and a half, vacillating between calling her and not calling her, I finally sent Gin the “Warning” Poem by Jenny Joseph “When I grow old, I shall wear purple.” https://jamesmilson.com/2017/04/19/warning-poem-by-jenny-joseph-when-i-grow-old-i-shall-wear-purple/ I boldly informed her that I was going do what I wanted to do because I was old. Dear Lord!! I told her not to worry though… I wasn’t going to spit. Tell me: How many Christians do you know that say they are going to do what THEY want to do?! Well, now you know one and instead of doing FaceTime with Gin, I’m doing “time” with the Lord.

I’m presently looking in GOD’s mirror realizing I did “my” thing and yes, I’m repenting knowing that the spade in my hand is going to have to dig deeper. The world is in our hearts, eh? It’s in every one of ours my brethren, and living up to appearances has roots that aren’t easily plucked up. Just look at how insane it is for people to shoot up their behinds with only God knows what to have bigger butts, when in the next generation, rear ends like Twiggy’s will probably be in style. None of us can live up to the world’s standards because they’re false… Thank God that they’ll be fleeing away like shadows when all our butts are permanently seated in heavenly places.

So now that mine is covered by the grace of God, it’s time for me to bite the dust and say “Cheese!” You gotta know that God will be making sure there’ll be no more buts or belligerence in His kingdom….

Only smiles!

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