Give A Kiss

The angel asked the bowed down one: “What will you do with your enemies?” His wings were folded and he had somewhat of a stern look on his face, because the outcome would be serious for “Nauseous” if she did nothing. Her name had been “Trusting,” before she had become paralyzed from the evil assault of accusations, persecutions, lies and maligning her character. The result of the onslaught was that emotional splinters were in every part of her body making it nearly impossible to do anything, much less do something about her enemies. The warfare was intense in her mind and each time she thought about taking action, she became nauseous pushing down the word to “confront in love.” When this hurting one had tried to address the wrongs that had been done to her before, she came away scorched and consequently, she never wanted to confront anyone again.

But there stood the angel towering over her with his eyebrow raised, questioning her. His name was “Good Intentions” and he realized what trauma had done to “Nauseous,” but he also knew she was not powerless. Her God was in her which meant she had access to resourceful ways to address EVERYTHING in her life, but until she realized that power over every enemy was hers, she would remain shattered. 

“Nauseous” was unable to answer the angel’s question because she was full of confusion and consequently burst out in a flood of tears, feeling even more hopeless than ever. “There, there,” the angel spoke in a consoling way to her, patting her gently on the head. “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Now most people are under the assumption that angels never make mistakes, but that is not so… Well, not in this case of “Earth Angels,” for you see: Good intentions don’t always get good results, and both the angel and the one he was assigned to help had some lessons to learn. 

So tell me: You who have been sent as a messenger with words of life to people, do you always do right? This angel is one like you… His wings are not ones of material substance, but ones made of prayer…. Can you see now that even though you have the best of intentions, if you don’t back them up with adequate prayer, your mission will fail? You can’t fold your wings and get results, so now that you know this, I’ll continue on with the story.

Looking at the flood of tears on the ground, “Good Intentions” realized that his approach was wrong even though there was a warrant for sternness because of the gravity of the situation. “I’m sorry,” he humbly told her. “I see we both need silver wings to get our jobs done, so I say: “Let it be so!” and as soon as as he spoke, invisible silver wings sprouted out of “Trusting” who was no longer “Nauseous,” and “Good Intention”’s wings not only became unfolded, but doubled in size, and yes, they turned silver.

“We’re going to fly now, ‘Little One,’” he shouted and flying together they did to one of the seven heavens but I can’t tell you which one because only they know. The King in His role of “Keeper of Time” was waiting for them to give “Trusting” something she needed besides silver wings- …. a golden bridle for her tongue. The King embraced her with a very wide grin on his face and said very plainly: “My people have broken wings, and some of them have no wings at all, but when they cry out from the deepest part of them as you have done, they then can do the work I’ve called them to do. Everyone who passes through the fires of tribulation with humility in their hearts and praise in their lips will be granted silver wings and golden bridles for their tongues. Then ALL will go well with them!” The King assigned two more angels named “Prudence” and “Reconciling Power” to be with “Trusting” and as she was getting ready to go back to earth, the Word was decreed with an impartation to fulfill it that went straight into her heart.

“See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5: 15- 16)

“Trusting” had what she needed to fulfill the will of the Father now that she had the silver wings, golden bridle and the Word of God in her heart and “Good Intentions” knew that because he had silver wings, his new name would become “Intentions Realized.” Oh what joy unspeakable and full of glory they both had and as they descended flapping their wings, the key was given to “Trusting” through the exercise of her winged prayers.

You who are reading this story know deep in the secret place within you what that key is and when you get your silver wings and golden bridles, too, you will hear creation singing: “Give me a little kiss, will ya huh? And I’ll give it right back to you!” Oh yes: You’ll have a holy kiss to give to everyone and the whole world will be changed!” 

So what can I say now but: “MWAH”! It’s time to pucker up!”

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