A Roll Over Is Coming

When we say: “You dog, you!” people know we’re not giving someone a compliment! The Israelites of old called all those who were not of their faith “dogs,” so I can imagine some of you howling like one when you read that I liken God to a dog. I think I can even hear you shouting: “That’s down right sacrilege!” Well, it may be to you, but it’s holy to me. I believe that dogs are the most lovable and beautiful creatures God has ever created.

The Most High God, even our God has made Himself to be ALL things to us and I believe there is an aspect of Him that we can see in all the clean animals… especially in the dog. I remember Graham Cooke, an exceptional teacher of God’s Word, instructing us to ask God what he wanted to be to us in the situations in which we find ourselves. Today, I didn’t have to ask God: He told me what He not only wanted to be for me, but what He indeed is for me and for you today and every day: Yep! A DOG! You heard me right! I think you who read my blog know that I speak symbolically, not literally, so tell me: What on earth could be better than the love of a dog? You cat lovers don’t have a leg to stand on: I say unequivocally that cats who love us one minute and couldn’t care less in the next, can’t compare to devoted and obedient canines. There’s a reason that God and the dog have the same letters in their names: They both have unconditional love to give to the ones who make them their “Alpha.”

This morning the first thing I saw when I woke up was a vision of my son’s dog Ziggy at my front door which has glass panes on it. I could clearly see he wanted me to let him inside which I promptly did. Truly God is at the door of every one of our hearts each day wanting us to let Him in so that we can enjoy Him, know Him and let Him be our joy and so much more, but first, we gotta have a see-through door… It’s by grace that we’re given the insight to see Him knocking and waiting for us to open up to Him. Knowing it’s Him and not someone who would harm us, we turn the door’s knob in the right direction. Neither Ziggy, nor God use force on me, although I do say Ziggy’s constant scratching and yelping seem to be quite controlling. Not so with God though: He’s patient and long-suffering with no “yelp” in Him. Through our will… our choice and power (hand), the door is opened and inside they come to bring us delight.

Ziggy’s name means “Victorious Protector” and that is exactly what God was letting me know He was and is to me today and always. I find it interesting that when seven members in our family took a vote to determine what our new adorable canine’s name would be, there was a tie. Each of us contributed three names and after we numbered our top favorites and tallied up the results, it came down to  “Ziggy” and “Buster.” Yes, my family does stuff like this! As you well know now, our Ziggy is not a “Buster” and neither is God one. My grandson Dawson Michael whose name means “Son of David who is like God” made the tie-breaking decision. Yay! May the “Son of David” make ALL our decisions!

Oh people of God: Our Lord talks to us all the time directly and indirectly to show us His ways and thoughts through the happenings in our lives. We each have a unique story to tell that has a “divine” expression and I want to hear your stories.. I desire to know your names, too, because together we form a body of “wonder”… even God’s mysteries revealed. 

Now back to God manifesting as Ziggy to me with a revelation of what He’s like: My son Kip’s dog couldn’t protect me from a flea. In fact, he would probably bring in a whole slew of them if he wasn’t given flea medicine to ward them off. In all probability, if a thief came to our home, Ziggy would excitedly jump up and down and then lick him, not bite ‘em. The protecting power he’s got has to do with the heart, not goods… There is no doubt that “love” is the greatest protector of all and my son’s name Kip which means “near to the heart of God” reveals how we can make love to be our own.

I want to share something now that has given me greater understanding of how we can keep love in our hearts…. and yes, how we can be protected. Over the past year and a half the word “strangulation” has come often to my mind and I also have had dreams and visions of my being choked by someone and of me choking him. The word “strangulation” came not only in connection with him, but concerning my blog and other matters in my life as well. It was quite disconcerting as I had no idea of what it meant and it sure wasn’t love, eh? I called out to God and prayed much, but still I didn’t have a clue as to why God had given this word and these dreams and visions to me. I did realize though that strangulation/choking was symbolic of “choking the Word” out of my life, but what I was doing to cause it, I didn’t know except that the cares of this life were involved.

Tell me: Has God revealed to you how we can stop thinking about all the cares we have? Every time we think with our reasoning mind about our problems and relationships we are strangling the Word of God and don’t realize it. My grandfather’s last name is “Penserini” which means “to think a little.” Oh yes, what our ancestors thought and the way they were got passed down to us… It all began with Adam and Eve eating the cursed fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and we often do it automatically. God help us! How many of us fully realize the FUTILITY of using our reasoning mind? King Solomon said: “All is vanity and vexation of spirit!” Do we believe it?

God has revealed the answer to ALL my problems and to yours through the words of Apostle Paul. The question is: “Will we be like him now wishing “to know only Jesus, and Him crucified!” 1 Cor. 2: 2 Think about it: “As a man thinks, so he is! Proverbs 23: 7

When we know only Jesus and Him crucified, the world will finally know He’s alive!

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