Make Way For A Miracle

As I thought about what I was to write today, I heard the Lord say: “There’s a miracle in this word!” and the Spirit in my belly jumped up and down with anticipation of what would be coming. It’s so exciting to be in the Lord because we are going to have even more than a kick in the belly: The heads of the Word’s babies “Truth” and “Joy” shall be crowning, “even twins birthed by “Grace.” Isn’t it WONDERFUL?!

I have been meditating a lot lately on the importance of keeping one’s word and during this time, a scripture has had my full attention: “But whoso keeps his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected; hereby we know we are in him.” 1John 2: 5 Do we believe it? Can the reason why some of us have not entered into perfection yet is because we have not watched our words and taken to heart that whatever we say, we must do? Oh how damaging it is to us if we don’t keep our word and how few of God’s people consider this.

Another scripture I was led to meditate on this morning was Proverbs 16: 17: “The highway of the upright is to depart from evil: he that keeps his way preserves his soul.” How many who believe the doctrine “Once saved, always saved” realize that we can lose our souls if we don’t depart from evil? It’s a sobering thought indeed.

Something happened recently in my life and just now I was given a vision that revealed the truth I have needed: In it I saw the spirit of Cain take a sword and cut me from top to bottom and that is a picture of what happened to me. Truly, I have needed a miracle to raise my soul from the dead from what was done to me, but thank God, even though my soul was split in two, my spirit has been and is very much alive. “He walks with me, He talks with me and He tells me I am His own!” Oh yes, He does with all of us, even more so when we’ve been lied about, cheated, misjudged and cast out as evil doers. Our God vindicates His people in DUE TIME: We can be sure of it and know that our Lord is going to show the difference between those who serve him and those who don’t! As I hear the words: “Separate the clean from the unclean! THIS is the way of salvation,” an allegory is now forming in my spirit:

The Way Made Known

“Beautiful honey bees called “Wordkeepers” filled with God’s substance were busily doing their work of pollinating the flowers in the “City of Well-Doing” and of course, making honey. The honey they made was known throughout the “Kingdom of Righteousness” as the finest in the land and it was because “Pure Word,” their queen, was ruling over them…. But in the neighboring city of “Cheaters, Liars  and Word Breakers,” killer bees spent their time pollinating flowers on the tree of the “Knowledge of Good and Evil” and they were making honey, as well. Unfortunately, they did not have a lovely and worthy queen as the one ruling in the “Kingdom of Righteousness” Their queen’s name was “Death-Word,” and true to her name, she worked death everywhere she went. The cities were right next to each other, but mercifully, angels were stationed between them to keep the “Wordkeepers” from straying into the neighboring city. Sometimes the devil rerouted the killer bees to attack the dwellers in the “City of Well-Doing” from behind, but whoever called on the name of the Lord would not die from their stings. 

The killer bee’s city was the devil’s most highly prized one in the “Kingdom of Unrighteousness,” and as long as the bees obeyed his commands they were rewarded. However, if any failed to obey him, there was hell to pay, so after this was instilled in them, they made sure that their bee hives were filled with the devil’s works. 

All the while the ““Cheater and Word-Breaker” bees were pollinating the flowers on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the “Wordkeepers” were doing it to the flowers on the tree of life. The brand name of the honey the wordkeepers made was called “The Anointing,” while the killer bee’s honey had the name of ”Perverted Judgment.” It was the law of life and death in the tongue which was at work that produced each of them.  

The words spoken in “Perverted Judgmentment”’s domain ruined all the lives of all bees who made the honey there. Thoughts of “Cain” were continually in their minds to strike down those whose honey was the anointing and when those thoughts became spoken ones, they brought forth death. This activity had been going on all during what has been known as the “Church Age,” but another age is coming now… even the “Kingdom Age.”

The sound from Gabriel’s trumpet in Heaven blared loud and could be heard clearly in the “Kingdom of Righteousness: “Go on to perfection!…. Run to win the prize!” it beckoned to all those in the “Kingdom of Unrighteousness,” as well. They couldn’t hear it though because they were too busy stinging others in their minds which was what had caused them to become deaf. Because they were word-breakers, they had cheated others of what was rightfully theirs and had added lying to it  about what they had done. They did not realize that the day was near that their deeds and lies would be exposed, but they still were going to be given one last chance to change.  

The One who is just, true and merciful sent His “Holy Dove” and two cherubim to proclaim His message to all who dwelled in the “City of Unrighteousness” urging them to repent saying: “If you will fast and pray, and turn from your wicked ways, I will heal your land and you shall no longer bring forth death! But if you do not, “Woe to you!” for you shall know the wrath of God Almighty. Even once more, the “Judge of All” is giving you an opportunity to repent. 

Then the same holy dove with the cherubim went to the “City of Righteousness” and proclaimed this solemn message: “The miracle has been made ready for all wordkeepers who have been faithful and true to speak only God’s Word. This miracle shall occur for the ones who fulfill their duty to keep their words, but that is not all that is required. In order to speak ONLY God’s Word, a coal of fire must be placed on the lips of those who desire to put on immortality. These also must have a change of garments just asJoshua, the High Priest of old, had his old garments removed and new garments put on.” At that moment, flames of glorious fire encircled all the righteous ones and the Holy One stood in their midst saying: “I am “The Living Word”…. even the “Miracle-Working One” Who has come to make you the “Living Word,’ too! Only Word-keepers who have their tongues purified by the coal of fire shall be made into my EXACT  image. THIS is the MIRACLE that the world has been waiting for!” 

As His eyes beheld all His faithful Word-keeping ones who were partakers of the divine nature because they fully believed His promises, He could see Himself in them and was satisfied. Oh yes, because of Word-keepers purified by fire, miracles are coming with the biggest miracle ever yet for the world to see:

YOU and me, His Beloved Bride in His image,… even “His Honey”!

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