The Crown For The Taking

What I looked forward to most as a child was the ice cream truck’s arrival on my street. Nothing was sweeter to me than a toasted almond ice cream stick that cost only a dime. Now what I look forward to is buying the Word toasted in fire, but not for ten cents. It will cost us everything to “buy of Him gold tried in the fire.” Rev. 3: 18)

I don’t believe it’s possible to know the depth of God’s Word without an intimate relationship with the One Who says He gives His spirit to those who obey Him. (Acts 5: 32) Truly, the Holy Spirit is the only One Who can reveal the truth to us in our everyday situations and give us understanding and revelation of the scriptures. I more than ever crave the fat (cream) of God’s Word today, much more than I craved ice cream as a child and now what I desire more than anything else is to conformed into God’s image to rule and reign with Him. I purpose by grace to be just like Esther who ruled with King Ahasueras whose name means “head, chief, ruler among kings” in the place called Susa (“Lily” – “purity”) and I believe that you do, too.

Esther’s Hebrew name Haddasah means “myrtle,” symbolic of “righteousness,” which relays to us that everyone who desires to ascend to the throne must be righteous… that we must obey the Lord in all that He requires us to do. Vashti lost her place of rulership because she refused to obey the king, but hallelujah! Esther’s outcome was quite different. She is a type and shadow of our fulfilling the Feast of Tabernacles and coming into perfection.

I never felt an anointing of God’s Spirit on the traditional teaching that King Ahasueras was drunk and that Vashti was righteous in disobeying his request. What foolishness to think God would have Esther marry a king given to drunkenness who made unjust commands and decisions. He most assuredly was not drunk, rather “merry” with wine when he called for Vashi to show her beauty to be admired by all, nor was he unjust in his decision to strip her of her rulership. Our God, like King Ahasueras, is looking forward to the day when He will reveal His bride for all in heaven and earth to behold His beautiful and glorious one.

The article I found on the Internet at this site has some additional information about Queen Vashti which I believe will be well worth reading: https://godssimpletruths.blogspot.com/2010/03/lessons-from-vashti-how-this-applies-to.html Also edifying are the etymologies and meanings of the names Vashti and Esther according to Abarim Publications. These for Vashti are: “Beautiful one,”….“WHEN DRINKiNG.” (“To a Hebrew audience the name ‘Vashti’ may have sounded like: WHEN DRINKING= that’s what you get!)…. Sheep or goat – our word “head” as it describes a unit of whatever flock or herd.”… from n. meaning “emptiness or nullification… denotes a sound, probably loud and accompanying destruction… v.: “to roar loudly with destruction in mind…. n.: “ruin”….n.: “a devotional offering made to the Temple by foreigners”…. and much more.

“Esther”’s name has this etymology and meanings: “a star, myrtle”… root: “to burn, to shine”…. DOVE… from “to explore or survey….“SHE WHO SEARCHES OUT EVIL”…. “I am a hiding place” or “I am hidden.”

I believe that Vashti and Esther represent the difference between Pentecost and Tabernacles. In Pentecost, there is much drinking to become filled but in Tabernacles the people of God are FULL and overflowing. When we get drunk, things become confused and unbalanced, but when we become full of the Spirit and grown up into the head, we’ll be stable and able to see clearly. Our God and the world are waiting for our perfection when the daystar arises in our hearts taking us from Pentecost to Tabernacles. If we remain in Pentecost, our light will become dim and there will be ruin, emptiness and nullification.

Esther was one who searched out evil which conveys to us the importance of investigating matters to know the aspects of evil that affect the body of Christ. Mature ones are able to discern BOTH good and evil called to judge rightly. This is what Vashti did not do when she disobeyed and dishonored her husband/king.

Some time ago I was given a dream about the shaking that we would have to go through in order to bring us into the “New Kingdom Age.” I believe we’re at the threshold of it now and the ones who will have leadership in this new age will continually have fresh words to give to the people, unlike those like Vashti serving teachings and revelations of the past to them. Those who have been in rulership in the body of Christ who have had Vashti’s ways will no longer be in power for God has “hidden ones” like Esther who will replace them. Truly, NOW is the day in which the difference between those who serve Him and those who don’t, … between the righteous and the wicked will be apparent. (Malachi 3:18)

Aren’t you glad?!

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