Come To Mount Sion

She just wasn’t willing, although she said she was. “Willful” wasn’t fooling anyone except herself. “Take up your bed and walk!” the Lord commanded, but instead of obeying Him, she crawled into the bed of her own making. “Willful” was also the ancestral name of everyone in “Unchristian City” who were lipsayers, not doers of God’s will.

Every once in a while an angel was sent to proclaim the way out of the state of “Self-Deception” and on rare occasions, there would be one who listened and would escape to the “City of God” which was located on the highest mountain of all,…. Mount Sion.

It didn’t seem like “Willful,” also known as “Impertinent,” would be such a one, but the “Call of Mercy” was blaring out in a loud trumpet sound to her. It was true she was bold, offensive, insensitive and presumptuous, but she had not always been so. She once was a kind, gentle person called by the name “Virtuous,” but that was before she had been traumatized. Demons entered her at that time and because she held onto unforgiveness and bitterness, slowly the wicked spirits took over her life and at times, even spoke out of her.

She could no longer remain in “Innocence,” her childhood town, because from the time bitterness had a stronghold in her, she made enemies wherever she went. She had an aunt who lived in “Unchristian City” and because “Willful” had nowhere else to go, she went to live with this one whose name was “Lasciviousness.” There were many other like-hypocrites in the city and “Impertinent” saw right through them which caused her to be all the more impertinent. She had no friends in that ungodly town, but because she was gifted with many talents and much knowledge, she was tolerated.

A small child named “Less Than” followed her wherever she went. It was strange that the child wanted to be with her because “Impertinent” didn’t like children and paid no attention to them, but that changed the day “Impertinent” broke her leg. “Less Than” was there when it happened and was instrumental in getting her the help she needed. The child’s assistance endeared her to “Impertinent,” who then called her “More Than” from thereon after.

On the day the angel “Good Tidings” appeared to “Impertinent,” everything changed. “You have been chosen through no good works of your own, but because of mercy’s call, more that you deserve is going to be given to you,” the angel decreed. “Grace” shall accompany you and the child as you make your journey to Mount Sion.” “Impertinent”’s name was changed to “Becoming Another” at that moment and a beautiful treasure box was given to her. The angel instructed: “Every time you pray to your Heavenly Father, you are to open the treasure box and music from it will flow into your ears down into your innermost being. When you hear the song of transfiguration’s notes, a fragrance will come from it which will also draw those who have transforming words that will show you your next step. If you are faithful to always give praise, thanksgiving and glory to God every step of your way, you will find you will no longer have willful ways and through no effort of your own, you will be gradually changed and arrive at Mount Sion… It is there that the transfiguration of your body will occur. Listen well now: You must always keep the child “More Than” and “Grace” with you, for they both have been assigned to you to cause you to remember that you will always have more than enough if you believe…. Only those who have the heart of a little child… only those who embrace “Grace” and become one with her can enter the place where destinies are fulfilled!”

After giving her a blessing and sprinkling her head and the child’s head with dew, the angel instantly disappeared from their sight. Oh the marvel of it: Both of their heads experienced the indwelling of love’s power that flowed from the top of them to their toes. The empowerment caused them to praise and worship in languages they had never spoken before and their eyes were opened to realize that it was “John, the Beloved” who appeared to them in angelic form. He was ordained to visit everyone who would have a heart like his and baptize them with dew drops into love. What a realization and what a day it was!

And so it came to pass that as “Becoming Another” and “More Than” made their journey onward, they were accompanied by many angels and overcame all the obstacles set before them. Their prayers were always heard because they gave all the praise and glory to God the Father. Just before the last step was to be taken, the prayer of all prayers was petitioned from them: “Father, we can not enter this sacred place without all our brethren coming with us. It is in the precious name of your son, the Lord Jesus Christ, that we pray to be made one with all who are called as your chosen. Bring them in with us and let all the world know that we are Christians by our love one for another.”

Can you hear your call now? Has the angel given you the treasure and filled your head with dew, too? Do you know that all of you,… yes, everyone of you who are His is going to become “More Than You Expect”?!

Behold: Your transfiguration is at hand!

Author’s note: I didn’t know until recently that there’s a difference between Mount Zion and Mount Sion. This valuable information can be found on:

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