It’s A Mama’s Day To Shine

“Mama Day Star” was on a mission. Her light needed to shine in the darkest place on earth and she needed help because demons occupied the territory she was assigned to penetrate. Two of the most powerful ones: “Haggling” and “Fatal Memory” were at the city’s gates and the devil had given notice to his cohorts that there’d be hell to pay if any of “Mama Day Star”’s light rays beamed through. 

A canopy made of black stone covered the city and at each window and door of every house was a watch guard who would change colors to bring hellish effects on the people. The colors were all shades of black, brown, grey and a sickly green.

All who lived in the town were in chains and no one breathed on their own. Oxygen tanks and apparatus were used to bring in the air of “Degeneration” and no one ever had breathed in fresh smells in the city of “Reconstituted Alienation.” “Such a place of woe it was because everyone remembered how free they were before they were brought into captivity… Their tears were so many their feet were covered in them because all hope was gone. When they tried to sleep at night their dreams were nightmares that tormented and frightened them so much that sweat covered their bodies with a putrid smell. Everyone had a demon that accompanied them morning, noon and night constantly mocking them and jabbing them with huge splinters whenever they got out of line.

There was one born of godly parents among them who had received instructions from angels as a child. He listened and obeyed them growing in wisdom and in might until he was twelve years old. That was when a witchcraft curse came into effect which was a generational one that his parents were unaware of. Every demon from hell flooded their home and their son became inhabited by those demons and did unspeakable things which gave the devil the right to carry him away to the city of “Reconstituted Alienation,”…. a city that first existed in the second heaven.

This captive one now alienated from everything lovely and pure, continually remembered his awful deeds, but also, never forgot when he lived in purity and freedom. On the day he could no longer bear his agony, he called out to the God he had stopped believing in and when he did, a little beam of light appeared in his heart.

Every time a call was made to God for help, no matter how far away she was, Mama Day Star” would see the little light appearing in the heart of that one who needed her. The rule of the kingdom was: “Light draws more light” and “Mama Day Star” governed all the lights that shone in the darkness…. She was the one ordained to help mankind along with all the angels assigned to assist her.

On the day that “Pernicious” who was once called “Godly Temperament” called out, she saw his light and came forth quickly to help free him. Consequently, the whole city would be liberated because “Pernicious” was one of their own who everyone looked up to because of the wisdom he had gained as a youth that was still in him.

“Haggling” and “Fatal Memory,” although blind, could feel the heat of “Mama”’s light as she approached the gate. “Halt!” they commanded in squeaky voices because the intensity of her heat stripped them of most of their power. 

She spoke boldly to them: “Move out! I come in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you must obey my word!” Each of them trembled with great fear because that name was one they had to fear and obey, no matter what the devil had to say. “You, the keeper of the gates to every man’s hearts in this city, will keep them bound no more. Your influence will no longer prevail because you must leave right NOW!” She called upon the warring angels “Judgment” and “Vengeance” to come take them away and for the angel “Mercy” and “Truth” to stand at the gates in their place.

All the guards at the windows and doors in the houses within the city found themselves not only shaking because of the earthquake that took place at the sound of “Mama Day Star”’s voice, they lost all their colors that worked gloom, doom and sickness. Theirs were the only colors that were allowed in the city, but now that they had lost them, the way for bright rainbow colors to come in was made. 

“Mama”’s booming voice proclaimed with a thundering sound: “Let there be light!” and everything changed in a flash! The light’s power turned into “solar” (living in an upper room) energy that blasted away the black stone covering off the city and with light penetrating every one, their fatal memories were exposed for what they were-… something in the past that had no place in the “New Day.” No memory, no torment, no haggling against the Word of God, and no alienation whatsoever could be found in the city… “Mama Day Star”’s assignment had been fulfilled and now “Son Power” and sun rays were everywhere.

The night of “Darkness of Understanding” was over, the time of restoration and reconciliation had come and instead of “Reconstituted Alienation,” the city’s name became “”Accepted in the Beloved.” A huge banner was displayed over it with the words “Ruled in Love” written in bold red letters for all to see. The city’s main occupation became making everything new and facilitating in conforming everyone into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. And don’t you know?: The one chosen to be their head was “Godly Temperament,” because ONLY he could do the job!

So all of you other “Mama Day Stars”’s out there, can you hear the world crying out for you? It’s time to let your light shine!

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