Taught By A Wing

“Merry Heart” wanted to fly, but couldn’t because she had a broken wing. That didn’t stop her from praising God, loving Him, loving others and having a merry heart though. It just stopped her from flying.

She was an angel and was put on earth to do a great work. All the angels in Heaven desired to be humans, but it the Father’s will that only “Merry Heart” would be because she had discovered the secret: “Merry” learned from the dove of “Emancipation” that faith could be born in a heart and then produce a manifestation if one had a right motive. All the angels wanted to be earthly beings because they were curious about what it would be like, but not so with “Merry.” She had seen the plight of the people on earth who lived in sorrow, troubles, infirmities and more and wanted to help them.

“Merry” knew when the Lord died on the cross, the work of salvation was finished and that she couldn’t add to it one bit. However there was one thing she could do: She could be a facilitator in helping them enter the kingdom, but she hadn’t banked on having a broken wing. “Merry” didn’t know that her incapacitated state was the very thing needed to be a model to all who had broken hearts and lives. Her broken wing was a sign to them and was ordained to bring God glory because in God’s kingdom on earth, only the weak were strong.

On a day that “Merry” was hobbling along singing her happy tune: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me,” she met a bedraggled fellow who was stuck in the mud along with his mule whose legs were deep down in it knee high. It was his stubbornness and self-sufficiency that got him there. He looked at “Merry,” and snapped at her saying: “I can see you’ll be of no help to me!”

“Merry” smiled at him and cheerfully responded: “Poor fella, you don’t know much: When you look at appearances and go by them, you’ll always go wrong. You didn’t see where you were going when you got yourself stuck in the mud, my friend, but you got yourself stuck long before your feet got you into trouble. You first got yourself stuck in your mind.”

“What are you-… a psychiatrist or something? Look at you with a broken wing: Were you stuck in your head, too?” he bellowed at her in disgust. “I don’t like “know it alls” who know nothing. You’d best be on your way, you little whippersnapper.”

Paying no attention to his words, she sweetly grinned and when she did, a golden light appeared on her face that startled the stubborn one whose name was “Contrary.” The light was so bright shining “favor-rays” in his direction, he was suddenly drawn to her and found himself trembling a little.

“What’s happening to me? Who are you?” he asked a little frightened.

“My name is “Merry Heart” and I’ve been sent to you to show you the way.”

“You? You with a broken wing, look like you need more help than I do! How could you possibly show me what you call “the way”? It seems like somebody needs to show you the way!” He was really getting agitated now because his feet were sinking deeper into the mud and here was this “he didn’t know what” telling him she had his answer. “You’d best be on your way, now. I’ve had enough of your nonsense telling me I’m stuck in my head.”

Looking him square in the face, “Merry Heart” told him without flinching an eye: “You are in this condition because you chose not to love. You slammed the door in someone’s face because you got offended and that’s when you were changed into being like this mule stuck in the mud with you. You’ve been looking at appearances for a very long time, and your judgments have gotten you into a lot of trouble. Making judgments from appearances can be very costly, don’t you think? But then you don’t think, because if you did, you wouldn’t have forgotten that the Lord Jesus Christ said to love and to forgive others.” Shaking her head at him with sadness, she felt great pity for him wondering if her words would find a place in his heart. 

It was then her eyes were opened to see that a butterfly had accompanied her words into his heart and that his flesh would manifest new life from them. Oh the wonder of it!

“Merry”’s light shined even more brightly at the realization that her words would not turn back void and because of this, “Contrary”’s help was on the way. “Now I shall show you a sign because you need to know there’s a God in Heaven and that you must stop looking at appearances and learn to love. Look!” she commanded. Lo and behold, when she raised her broken wing, it became completely healed before his eyes.

“Contrary” blinked his eyes and then again and then again. “How… how did you do that?” He was more than trembling now, even shaking all over.

“The power of love can do all things that are the will of God… Healing and help in the time of need are His will and when you learn to cease looking at appearances and when you learn to love, you will do greater works than this.”

She blew her spirit’s essence on him and when he breathed it in, he immediately was liberated out of the mud through no effort of his own. He stood there dumbfounded, but happier than he had been in a very long time. When he went to thank “Merry,” she disappeared in a flash and could be seen no more by him.

She was on her way to help another human who was stuck in the “appearance of things” too, which all men were…. She too, would be learning something along with the people she would help… To be human meant hardships would come and mistakes could be made which was something she had not experienced as an angel. Her wings were perfect when she was in Heaven and she never knew what it was to be weak there. “Merry Heart” had always been strong, but with a different kind of strength than what man could have… Her broken wing was teaching her a lot.

It returned to its broken state again because brokenness was the very quality that would bring forth what she deeply desired…. She wanted to be a human and knew it would be so, but didn’t know how it would come about. As she found herself humming “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me,” the Word of the Lord came to her: “My Beloved “Merry Heart,” you are doing a good job. I need you to show a few more of my chosen ones the power and miracle of your wing and after that, you will no longer be an angel. You will know fully what it means to be human. You have been ordained to teach human beings what it means to be just what they are supposed to be: humane humans.“

“Merry”’s jaw dropped: “How can that be?” she asked in astonishment. “They are already human.”

“Dear little one, it’s one thing to be an earthly being, but to be fully human, the soul and body must be joined to the spirit and the spirit must rule, not the soul. You, who all this time have been singing “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me,” have been doing so because your broken wing caused you to no longer depend on your own strength. 

The greatest lesson for all mankind is to realize that in their own strength, they can never be what they long to be. Only brokenness can bring man into the glory ordained for him from before the world ever was. No man can know what it is to be fully human and God as one without being broken.”

When the Father finished speaking, a shofar was blown and the hosts in heaven began singing and praising God…. Then a hush came over all as the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself appeared with and in the clouds. “I am He that was dead and am now alive! Go forth “Merry Heart” and tell my story… Only the broken, only the weak who are strong can manifest Me, the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. Here is my signet ring that will duplicate itself whenever you give it to my elect and also when they do the same.

Give the ring with my blessing and everyone who receives it will become part of the “Great Humane Society,” a company not of motley mutts, but of those like Caleb whose name means “dog… even those who have gained their inheritance by becoming at one with creation and with God through brokenness.” Will you, who now know this story, be one in that “Great Humane Society?”

If so, dog on!

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