Becoming Invisible, and then Visible

Holding the shofar firmly in his hand and with a mouth turned into a heavenly instrument, the messenger’s mouth and the shofar became one blaring out the holy call: “Come out of the visible into the invisible where time is no more…. Then, when you come to those in the visible world, they will live!” What a message, but alas, it was heard by only one man.

The messenger was greatly saddened by this, yet he knew that many others would eventually hear it through the righteous man whose ears were open. There could be no mistake about it: The message was loud and clear, but because men’s inner ears were dead, only the sound, but not the message, could be heard by their outer ones. Their dead inner ears prevented the message from entering into them to become wisdom and understanding flowing freely throughout spirit, soul and body. The messenger whose name was “Righteous Judgment” had not been welcomed by the world, and only one in a thousand, received him and his messages.

The question was asked by this one who had a great quest for truth: “What happened to cause the inner ears of men to die?”

As soon as the inquiry came out of his mouth, a moth appeared with a wicked gleam in his eye, pointing to thousands upon thousands of moths that had him as their chief-in-commander. “My name is “Unholy Desire’” he announced with obvious delight. “I have a mandate to touch everyone with death who acts out their unrighteous desires.” How this one loved bringing ruin into the lives in which he and his company were allowed to do a destructive work. He was aware that when death came to the inner ear, it was impossible for truth to enter in. He most definitely did not want truth received because he knew that when men were filled with the truth, death could not keep its hold on them and “Unholy Desire” would be no more.

Turning his eyes upon “Righteous Judgment,” “Fidelity,” the one who heard the clarion call, asked: “Are all these with deaf ears doomed?”

“I can not tell the answer,” the messenger replied. “The understanding that you desire must be discovered through asking the One inside you. No one can come into immortality and be part of the Enoch company without the ability to know from within.”

Upon hearing the response, “Fidelity” did just as the messenger/angel taught and posed the question to the “Holy Spirit” within. Immediately, the reply came: “You forgot that you have been given the power to raise the dead. Truly, deaf ears can be raised to life by faithful ones who walk with wisdom demonstrating mercy which is love’s greatest power. God’s people have gone after substitutes seeking what aren’t true treasures because they have not known love or seen it demonstrated. Knowing only the law as a form, they have been condemned by it and their true selves are in hiding. Trying to cover their nakedness while living in pride, they seek power, worldly positions, fame, money, possessions, the approval of man, many lovers and more, but can find no rest or satisfaction in them. The voice of condemnation torments them continually because their spiritual ears are dead.

You have accuracy of hearing because of the loyalty you have to the One you love. Through your faith that has progressively increased over the years, you’ve come into the “Place of Understanding”…. In this new spiritual stance, you have become an apothecary filled with life and love which is what the world has long been waiting for! When you take all the divine medicine distilled in your apothecary, your head will be filled with dew and you shall be like Enoch translated out of time. Only those who bear the name “I am that I am” can become invisible having only God manifested out of them into the visible. Only these have fullness of life which can awaken hearts and raise deaf ears to life. Know that deaf ears will hear when you are translated from death (the carnal mind) and from living in your flesh….. So now then, receive the power to be dissolved and become that which is interpreted.

“Who is able to interpret the wonders of the Lord? For he who could interpret would be dissolved and would become that which is interpreted.” (Odes of Solomon 26: 11,12

Hallelujah for the visible made invisible and then visible again! Is that YOU?!

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