Get Heart-ache Out

“Get it out!”the angel commanded with a stern look on his face. “It has been in you for too long!” Although a stern and uncompromising expression was on His face, his heart was full of compassion, raying out a love that “Heart-ache” could feel. She heaved a big sigh knowing that the “Angel of Collaboration” was right, but didn’t know how to do it. Heart-ache had been with her so long that it had become her name. “How am I going to do that?” she asked, having no faith to accomplish what was necessary.

The angel shouted at her in a loud voice: “Stand up! It is only through an erect position that you can have the power to win a battle! Do it NOW!” The fiery light in His eyes and in His words came with such energizing power, she was enabled to rise up immediately with astonishing strength. She had a bewildered, almost comical look on her face as she peered up at the seven foot angel standing before her, questioning if he was for real.

Reading her thoughts, the angel spoke to her again, but this time more gently: “Have you forgotten that all things are yours? I am a mere outward expression of what you already have inside you. I’ve been called to ignite a fire that you have never had before because you haven’t realized that it was in your power to kindle it. I, the “Angel of Collaboration,” have been sent in order for you to come to realize that you can collaborate with the One within to give you what you need… even to receive “digesting power.”

“Digesting power”? What is that?!” she asked Him, astonished that she had never heard of it before. She was well acquainted with “The Book” and as far as she knew, there was nothing in it regarding “digesting power.”

“Oh but there is!” the angel interacted with her thoughts, this time without him outwardly speaking them through his lips. His thoughts penetrated into her in light form and she instantly received them. You have been neglecting to read “The Book” because you haven’t digested the last words that you tasted. Those words of “spirit substance” are still sitting in your belly having been stopped from further being processed. They can’t be until your will is activated. Then what has hindered you in your subconscious mind and heart is addressed, the living words can be assimilated to become the sustaining life that you need. You have become very weak because only a small portion of the words you’ve taken in have been fully digested.

“But, but!” she started to say, but before she could express what she was thinking, the angel interrupted her thought: “Your “buts” are why you’ve been having problems with your digestive tract and why your bowels of mercy have not been functioning as they should. This is also why you have had heart-ache all these years.

She was stunned and didn’t know what to say. Continuing on, the “Angel of Collaboration” instructed: “First, you must change your name by calling forth the one that “The Most High” wants you to have. Hear it: “Down deep you already know it, but part of my work with you is to bring remembrance to your mind of what you have forgotten. The Lord told you to reMEMBER Him and you forgot that Christ is a many membered body. Because you have forgotten this, you have not looked upon all the members of His body with His eyes, but you shall begin doing so now by calling yourself “Mercy,” the name chosen for you. Is there a more beautiful name than this that you could have chosen? I tell you “No!”

You were not able to digest the Word of God properly because “Mercy” was not your name/nature, but now, as you continue to call yourself “Mercy” and give mercy to every member of Christ’s body, your subconscious will line up with the will of God. You shall no longer be having to work up mercy as though it were something apart from you… You shall BE mercy!”

Mercy’s jaw dropped, but more than that happened in that moment: A swarm of bees swirled inside her head and her mind instantly became a honeycomb full of enlightenment. The honey of prophecy that came out of it activated her digestive system along with every cell of her body and as the bees buzzed, a new song came forth through the bee’s hum. It was called the “Humdinger song,” the song that all of creation was waiting to hear. It was a song without words, but did have words because when the hum was heard, each person heard the words come into their own mind that they needed to know from God within them. Oh what a song it was and is!

Can you hear “Mercy” singing it inside of YOU now?

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