Getting Engaged In God’s Business

“No Name” was free from all the cares of this world and as she stared at the prize in her hand, she could hardly keep back the tears. It was only a short while ago that her name was “Pride” and having a big name was the driving motive of her heart. How she wanted to be better than others and especially wanted them to know that she was. This prideful one kept her unholy desire well hidden for she realized people wouldn’t like her if they knew what was in her heart. She was fully aware that it was wrong to think of oneself higher than others, but she did anyway. It was so much a part of her makeup to think of herself in this way, it was like breathing.

But that all changed after the mouse “Detriment” came into her life along with the monkey “Trouble.” She discovered through both of them that her way of thinking and being had to change. “Trouble” especially brought her to her right senses as he always carried the banner with him that had the words in on it in red: “When God’s judgments are in the earth the people will learn righteousness.” Oh my, did she learn!

And because she learned that being a “Big Somebody” could only bring vexation of spirit to her and that the word “Vain” would be written on her forehead for everyone to see, she overcame her evil desire and earned the beautiful name of “No Name” as her reward.” Having this name, she was free, not having to impress anyone, not even herself.

Now the prize wrapped in red shiny paper with little white hearts on it topped with a silver bow was hers. As she opened it with trepidation and excitement, she aghast at what she saw. “A squirrel!” she screamed! “THIS creature is a prize? How can it be?”

The little guy chuckled. He knew what he was worth. “Remember,” he told her: “Great things can come in little packages and I right now am the greatest thing in your life. My name is “Industrious” and I am a name changer. I am destined to come into your blood and be a part of you, and when I do, you will have a new name, even the name “Success!”

The angel who had been watching over her all the while smiled with great joy beaming light out of His wings that covered her. He made himself known at that moment and almost frightened her to… well, the storyteller won’t say that word, but you know “what.” The angel “Glad Tidings” was eight feet tall and needless to say, he was overwhelming.

He got down on his knees before her and with many twinkles in his eyes flowing out into hers, calmed her saying: “There, there! There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m here to give you the message that from here on in you shall bear many new names. Because you bowed low and rejoiced in your having no name content just to be, now you shall become ALL things to men… You shall be exactly what they need when they need it and after you grasp “Industrious” in your hand, he shall change form and be able to enter into your bloodstream… The destiny of “Industrious” is to become “The Industry of Righteousness and Love” established inside the chosen ones who will manifest His nature… even the name of the “Most High God.”

Yay, His gems will soon be displayed, so “GET BUSY!” all you who are called to be the Urim and the Thumin of God manifested…..

even YOU who are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD!!”

Categories: Allegories, Writings

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