Why Aren’t We Healed?

Revelation 22: 2

In the middle of the night I heard the words: “Settle it in your heart to be kind.” (Ephesians 4: 32)

Later the Lord spoke to me about what many call the “blab it and grab it” doctrine and He let me know that the principle is correct, but that the attitude isn’t…. that it is “presumptuous” to think that just because we decree a thing, it will come to pass. There are other factors involved before a decreed desire can manifest itself, and speaking to a mountain is but just one of them. An essential and very crucial component in bringing us into healing is that faith must work by love. This means that any unforgiveness, resentment, unrighteous judgment and bitterness can hinder faith and if not dealt with, can stop faith from having its desired end. Word curses (our own and others, including those spoken by our ancestors) have caused many words decreed in faith to be nullified.

“How can this be?” we ask. “Isn’t God’s word from our lips greater than the Devil’s power?” It is, but the devil has a right to block that word if there’s any sin in our lives and also, if curses have not been broken. We must realize as well, that there is a “time” to heal and a time to wound. If you try to harvest a seed before it’s fully developed, you will not have what you desire. We have much homework to do my brethren, before we can be whole. Healing will come only after we deal with the darkness in us and after we pass the test. The Word of the Lord tests us just like Joseph was tested. Psalm 105: 19. No darkness of understanding can remain in us if we cry out like David did in Psalm 139: 23-24: “Examine me to see if there’s any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting.” Our own spirit joined with His searching our innermost parts is an integral part of the healing process. If there’s a grievous way in us, then it will be shown to us and we’ll be given the power to change it through God’s Spirit and by His grace.

Concerning the word I heard about kindness, I believe that mercy is tied to it along with goodness and only a work of the Spirit can produce these qualities in us. Every time that we are in a difficult situation in which there is division, animosity, rejection, persecution and more, we must overcome our propensity for self-rule by yielding to God Who has purposed to accomplish His will in us. It’s impossible to conquer self usurping God’s place by our own power, but we can do it through Christ Which strengthens us. Every time that the devil tempts us to react in a soulish way, we are to resist him. Yes, we are to believe and make decrees, but now instead of trusting in our blabbing and grabbing, we will be trusting in the whole operation of God working in us.

A while back, I had been upset and hurt by someone who had broken his word to me. I had spoken to Bill (not his real name) about it, but to no avail, and yes, I knew I was not to take offense, but I did anyway. After some time elapsed and after much thought and prayer over what had happened, the Lord gave me a vision of a diamond and a knife in my hand and let me know that I had to get rid of the knife. Yes, I possessed the truth that the diamond represents, but I also had a cutting tool in my hand that I wanted to jab Bill with. I was like Peter who cut off the ear of the guard when Jesus was being taken away. My vision and Peter’s action both reveal the truth that aggressively confronting someone will cut off their hearing. My lack of meekness hindered the work from being done, not only in this brother’s life, but in my own.

I think one of the most amazing stories in the Bible is Jacob and Esau’s: Jacob indeed, did wrong to his brother and the day came years later that they had to be reconciled and our day is coming as well. The Book of Jasher’s account of it is quite enlightening and if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend your doing so as it adds some behind-the-scene details that are very edifying. What happened in their final meeting has a key of revelation in it for our own reconciliation with others. You would have thought Jacob’s face would have been the face of God and not Esau’s, because Jacob was the one who desired all of God and followed hard after Him… Esau cared nothing about his birthright casting it away to feed his flesh, but it was his face that was the face of God to Jacob, not the other way around. Quite amazing, eh?

I’ve come to realize that reconciliation can only take place after much prayer and intercession is done in love and concern for others, not for the purpose of establishing our righteousness. The Bible clearly revealed that Job did not receive his healing until after he prayed for his friends who had wronged him. Are we fervently praying for those who have injured us? Do we love them?

Ah my brethren, how many of us have learned what Joseph came to know?-… that the things done to us for evil are only catalysts that God uses to perfect our nature… that all things work for the good for those who love God and are the called according to His purposes? It has taken me a lifetime to have the revelation worked in me that God rules in all our affairs…. that He creates good and He creates evil… that nothing people do can hurt us… and that people are gifts to us to propel us on in our journey because we would never change without them. We would never have received salvation if Judas hadn’t played his part and the children of Israel could not have been saved if Joseph’s brothers hadn’t sold him into slavery. I now realize that I have been richly blessed by having Bill in my life and yes, also and especially by the trouble he brought with him. There were many good things in our relationship that had been overshadowed by the wrongs that I allowed my mind and heart to focus on because I had forgotten a dream that was given to Graham Cooke: This minister had been persistently followed by three men who persecuted him in all the cities in which he was led to preach. They had articles put in newspapers and raised up banners in front of the buildings Graham preached in proclaiming him to be a false teacher. This went on for months and it was getting to him until this dream was given to him: A statue likened unto the statue Michael Angelo made of David was being formed, but instead of David, the statue was of Graham and the three men that were chipping away on the stone were the troublesome guys in his life. After he had this dream, when the men came into his meeting and seated themselves in the front row as they usually did, Graham would cheerfully approach them saying: “Hi guys! I’m so happy to see you: What can I do for you? Can I get you some coffee?” He truly was happy to see them knowing that their purpose was to change him and after his greeting them in this manner a few times, they ceased following him. God is so good! I knew that story some years ago before I ever got upset with my brother in Christ, but had forgotten it. Sigh! No wonder our Lord reprimanded His disciples and is still doing so today, telling us we’re slow to learn.

In the time that we’re coming into, more than ever we can’t afford to be offended. The Lord gave me a vision of Bill with the word “Breach” written on his forehead and yes, God used the vision to confirm that indeed, a breach had taken place, but that’s not the end of the story: I had forgotten another vision given early on in the relationship with Bill in which black chains around my ankles were being removed by him. I believe those chains represent what taking offense does to you. Before we ever met, I was in those chains (bondage in my walk of faith) because of my having harbored offenses with others. It took my having to be hurt again by Bill so that my eyes could be opened and so I could be set free. I truly thank God now for this brother who was God’s redeeming gift to me.

The long awaited ones (the ones who no longer take offense at anything) are coming forth on the scene now to fulfill the second half of Isaiah 58: Christ in a people fully formed into the measure of the stature of Christ, is going to repair the breach. That’s me and everyone who has come through the purifying fire that reduces us to ashes so that He can be all in us.

Some time ago I heard the words “credence and peace” in my spirit, and understood then, that peace is a witness that we are going to have what we call forth. The Bible says that the end of a perfect man is peace, and likewise, it is so for faith. When we have perfect faith (credence) we will have peace.

Recently, the mother of one of my daughter’s friends died of Covid19 after a long stay in the hospital. She did all that the faith teachers in the body of Christ say to do: Thousands prayed for her mother and a vigil was kept over her day and night, but still she died, and Susan was devastated with her faith badly shaken. We all know cases like this and have asked “How could it happen?” Only now after knowing Jesus Christ as my Lord, healer, and teacher for 52 years, is some light breaking through.

When we plant a seed, that seed needs water, sunlight and the proper soil in order to develop. I see “repentance” likened to good soil. Before Jesus Christ went forth in his ministry, John the baptist came saying “Make way! Repent!!” People had to examine their hearts and deal with what was in them in order to be ready to receive Him and to receive healing. Likewise with us.

There is a time to harvest, but that time will not come if there isn’t a lot of watering and sun shine first. It’s important for us to understand that the early church met every day fellowshipping, praying and breaking bread… That’s a lot of water and sun shine, eh? Can we expect the same results if we’re not doing the same? Could a plant survive with sun shine and water only on Sundays? You know it couldn’t, but the church here in America and in many other countries do not come together like the early church did, and when we do, we are not in the same mind and in one accord. The Bible says that when brethren dwell in unity, there He commanded the blessing.

How can we have blessing and healing with so many divisions and variances among us? We can’t! How many of us are doing our part in preaching the gospel and sowing seeds wherever we go? How can we expect God to send someone with the Word to us and to those we’re praying for if we’re not giving out the Word to others? We must all be part of the work of preparation…. every day we must be about our Father’s business, not being involved in the cares of this life and in the deceitfulness of riches. We must obey what the Word of God says in I Cor. 7: 29- 31, but few do.

I heard God refer to us as His “Laodicean-Bride” and truly, too many of the church in America are rich and increased with goods not knowing that they are poor, blind and naked. But hallelujah, a promise is given to the overcomer in this church: The perfected one shall sit on the throne with Jesus and His Father.

Yay! She shall be healed‼️

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