Are You Healed NOW?

The name “Shalita” came in the middle of the night which means “light.” I wonder how many of us know how powerful the words “Let there be light” are in our mouths? No one can see without light and most of us expect people to understand what we say, not realizing that they need revelation’s light in order to see … either the revelation that they already have from their own experiences, the revelation from what God speaks directly to them, or the spirit of revelation accompanying our words to enlighten them. I believe that our prayers and decrees are matches which can ignite fire in people’s hearts to want to understand and receive the light that we have. How much do we pray? How often do we say “Let there be light?” Is our name “Shalita” or “Oscuadad” (darkness)?

I think that one of the most amazing accounts in the scripture is in Genesis 2: 19. Think of it: Adam had God’s rapt attention on his naming all the animals: Doesn’t this say to us that we have His undivided attention on our words, too? So, what are we saying? How much attention do we give to our words?

In my last post “Why Aren’t We Healed?” I left out one important reason why many of us aren’t. When we say we have disease and pain in our bodies, we are snared by our words. How can we have sickness and disease, pains and sorrows when Jesus bore stripes for them and took them in His own body? Who and what are we going to believe?-… God and His Word or what we see and feel? Our words must line up with the Word, not our senses because we do have what we say…. I am preaching to myself as well now, especially in preaching that faith must have actions with it.

One of the most powerful teachers that I have ever listened to on the subject of healing is Audrey Mack. I’ve heard a lot of testimonies in my lifetime, but hers is the wedding cake of the Word joined with miraculous faith. She was healed of cancer by believing and speaking God’s Word, and at another time in her life, she didn’t get surgery for a ruptured appendix because it would have prevented her from going on a scheduled missionary trip. For three days with a high fever, extreme pain and nausea she did all the things “a healed person” would do. She wanted to go to bed instead of to church, but listened to God when He asked: “What would a healed person do?” Yes, she went to church, but was still in agony after the service was over. Then when some of the church members invited her to lunch, hearing God say once more “What would a healed person do?” she went with them and was nauseous all throughout the meal, but ate it anyway. How many of us would have done this? For those three days she did everything a healed person would do, but in torment, yet she believed God’s Word and He honored her for it. Audrey’s healing surely came as she knew it would and she was eating faith’s wedding cake in the end with all of Heaven celebrating her and her victory.

However, it was another testimony of hers that I shall never forget: She was on vacation with her husband and her back gave out on the day they had planned to go scuba diving. Audrey is a woman who practices what she preaches to “resist sickness just like one would resist sin” and she wasn’t going to let the devil rob her of getting her heart’s desire. She could hardly walk, but she was “a healed person” in her mind and heart so off she went to obtain faith’s prize. When it was time to get the scuba gear with her husband, the guy renting the equipment reluctantly gave them their request probably thinking that she wasn’t in her right mind, but she was. The mind of Christ was ruling in her, not the carnal one. Audrey was barely able to climb on board the boat and only God knows how she made it to the side where her leap of faith was put into action. This amazing woman jumped overboard in more ways than one, and according to God’s Word and hers, the first moment that her feet touched the water, she was miraculously healed!Whew! What courage! If I hadn’t felt the witness of the Holy Ghost in my spirit, I would never have believed it. Audrey Mack is not only proof that faith works, but that God gives His children their hearts’ desires.

So tell me: Are you healed? The Word of God says: “Yes, you are!” and I say: “Let there be light!”

Author’s Note: After finishing this writing, I found myself singing in the Spirit and in the understanding singing these words: “Prisms of light are coming!” Truly, the Sun of righteousness is arising in us with healing in His wings”…. even in prisms of light!

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  1. Good morning 🌞. Couldn’t imagine a better way to wake up this morning with the beautiful prism of the light of the natural sun breaking the dawn and now streaming through the window illuminating the room and all that lies within. Reading this post and typing the natural to the spirit is inspiring and encouraging and faith building!!!!! ❤️ Love you my dear friend 🤗

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  2. Your words bring light and illuminate my life. Audreys testimony is moving. She is reborn and lives the word.

    I came to discover that doubt has been a big barrier in my life always hiding and distracting me from living the way God intended me to and since I found out, I now shun it the way I do sin.

    True, healing is in the mind. We think ourselves into sickness and suffering. Everything that exists is first a thought then it manifests through the energy we give it. If we can have faith in the unseen and believe in God’s words we will live In the light. Be Blessed 🌻

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    • I have given some thought about your comment “healing is of the mind” and want to share some of my thinking about this for you to consider. I believe that healing is of the spirit and if the thought that comes to the mind by the spirit is received by the mind, then, yes, healing is of the mind. Jesus said: “My words are spirit and they are life.” (John 6: 63) Audrey received her healings by receiving Jesus’s spirit-word-thoughts into her mind, believed them, spoke them and finally acted upon them.

      The Bible says the prospering of the soul is connected to healing. (James 5:12) God is after closing all the doors that allow sickness and disease to enter our bodies like bad attitudes, unforgiveness, and other sins. His purpose in healing us is to bring us into wholeness, but this is not so with the devil and other spirits which have power to heal. Yes they do have power to heal, but do so for the purpose of being able to use the people they heal for the works of the kingdom of darkness. People don’t recognize that they are being used by the spirits when they yield themselves to those spirits through seeking healing by the arts of those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ. .

      Most people also don’t realize what the kingdom of darkness is. We tend to think it is one of crime, evil, etc. Before Jesus went forth in His ministry, the Devil offered Him all the glory of this world, tempted him with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life…. We don’t look at these as part of the kingdom of darkness. As long as we’re occupied with all that, we can’t come into wholeness and we won’t have the power to do damage to Satan’s kingdom. The devil knows this and is working hard to get us all occupied with the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches… All that is vanity and vexation of spirit for us. (Ecclesiastes 1: 14)

      Wholeness is what we need, not just healing which can only come about by the Spirit of God working with our spirit engaging the mind. No man can become whole from the mind alone.

      Something to think about, eh? You are a deep thinker Kinge and a joy to communicate with because you hunger for truth. I welcome your thoughts.
      Blessings, love, peace and profitable thinking,

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      • Thank you for this. I’ve learned a ton on healing from the darkness. I have to admit I’ve never thought of this angle and always thought of healing in a linear way, that it could only come from good.

        I appreciate your elaboration on healing from spirit. I do understand the concept but always learning more on the same. That healing comes from spirit and the essence of life. I however came to these learnings not so long ago in my research and was amazed at how blindly we live without much knowledge of who we are and how life works apart from the general constructs that we are feed.

        I especially love your thoughts on wholeness. What are your thoughts on meditation, going into the silence to better understand your within and connecting with ones intuition and nature around?

        I am glad to be graced the chance to learn from you and enjoy this communication. ❤

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      • You have covered me with sweet grace and fragrance in your reply and your fuel for thought has set a bonfire in my brain.
        In answer to your question, this is my thinking on it: There are so many modes of participation with God and I see meditation likened to a jet airliner into the realms of the spirit, just as speaking in tongues is. The Spirit praying and worshipping through me with my spirit has been the major mode for me to receive revelations about myself, others, God and situations, to enter rest and also to come into ecstasy. Many times His presence manifests at the end of my time of worshipping Him this way resulting in deep stillness and peace. Is this what you experience when you go into meditation? Is there more? When different modes came to mind during my contemplation concerning your question, my mother’s face suddenly appeared. These are my thoughts about why her face was brought to my attention: We come from our mother and for most of us, she is our first teacher, but the day comes in the plan of God for the priests of the Melchizedek priesthood that we are un-mothered (ALPHA-mothered) in which tongues pass away and knowledge is no more. I liken us and our modes spiritually to people a century ago whose mode of transportation was the horse…. There was no way at that time that they could bring forth an automobile, an airplane or a rocket-ship. I do have it in my mind that soon we will be like angels with wings having the ability to go anywhere, but how the thought will become manifestation I know not because we are presently the time of transition.
        In the Book of Revelation, it is written that the manchild is caught up to the throne where he just IS. A fully matured one doesn’t have to work up getting to the throne. Two days ago I heard the word “Shiloh Door” and this allegory I posted on my blog came to mind and may give some insight. I believe it came from the throne. https://ridetheheavens.com/2020/02/20/shilohs-trump/.
        In regards to your statement that you have considered all healing to be good: Do you believe that the good of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is good? What do you make of Jesus saying: “Don’t call me good. There is only ONE good!”? To me, His words are telling us that everything comes down to the source. Something to think about, eh?
        I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and the stimulation you give me with your words. God bless you dear Kinge.

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      • Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, many times I experience a deep sense of joy in my heart and whole body after my meditations. Sometimes they are powerful and feel almost like a trance. My body gels light and after the meditation, the world around me feels different. It’s like I can somehow perceive everything around me differently and connect to the good all around. I tend to believe it’s God unfolding from everyone and everything around me because I know everything that is, God is in it, just that the level of God force varies depending on the level of awareness of the host.

        I many times see my mother to. I believe and know she was my guide and Angel to my path of awakening and her purpose in my life was more than just a mother. I can still feel her connection to me still after the years that have passed.

        Correction on the healing comment, I meant I had no idea there was dark healing and thanks to your revelation and teaching I am now aware and will tred more carefully. The part of dark healing with Intend of using you especially got me alert.

        I will check the link shortly, thank you for sharing and have a Blessed Sunday. ❤

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      • Thank you so much for taking the time to describe your experience with me. When I pondered it, I heard the words: “I build you up” and had a vision of my heart vibrating with little fluttering butterfly wings emerging on its edges. Then the lyrics of a song were brought to my mind: “You lift me up so I can stand on mountains….”
        Bless you and bless you more for sharing with me and for expressing so many thoughts that have been used mightily in my life. My heart does flutter in our exchanges as it always does when our Beloved is present.

        My mother’s face began appearing this past year during a relationship I had with a man who was hungry for the words of life in me. I believe the reason why is revealed in Song of Solomon Chapter 8: 2: “I would lead thee, and bring thee into my mother’s house, who would instruct me; I would cause thee to drink of spiced wine and the juice of my pomegranate.” My communication with him and now with you have been used for instruction in my life and my wine (water/word made into wine from the union of my spirit and soul) have been poured out to both of you. Initially with him, I mistook the love that we experienced together as being the romantic love of a man and a woman as did he, which in actuality was our Lord making love to us through each other.
        This is the hour of the marriage of the Lamb and understanding the male/female of God is of the highest importance. He is using relationships with the opposite sex to bring to light aspects of Himself and His love that we would never know without them. I’m not being as clear as I’d like to be on this matter, but am hoping that understanding will be granted to you despite my feeble attempt.
        I have been delighted with your comments and with you, dear brother. I can’t thank God enough for what we have shared together.
        Treasuring you,
        P.S. As soon as I sat down to be still, the name “Sheenah” came which means “God’s grace” or “God is gracious. Immediately I was in the Spirit with flutterings of mystical life. I did not have to wait but an instant for it to happen, but I can see my purposing to be still brought forth experience. Bless you Kinge for opening this up to me.

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      • Thank you Michele❤. I also continue to appreciate our exchange. The teachings and lessons in them, and praising God through these words welcoming Gods abundant Blessings.

        Many times we receive visions or snippets of them to guide us and are able to see, notice and understand if we are centered/grounded. I see many signs within my day which initially I never noticed but by being more mindful and present i can perceive them. Many times it’s synchronicities, numbers or something in nature around me.
        I understand you when you talk of the male and female to some extent. Last year i did some self studies onthe same and learnt there’s so much that we do not know. The roles that both genders represent and how They complement each other. Of the creative power of the female, strong connection to Creator/God’s spirit/intuition and the completing action of the male. Indeed it is a time of awakening and the law of gender is in action.

        I agree, your words are Blessed and you have a way with them. You’ve been Blessed with the art of expression and richness in teaching through your words. They definitely are alive, your words as you’ve said a merge of your spirit and soul. I’m humbled and honoured to receive them. Many Blessings.


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