The Sacred Kiss

The first words I heard from my Beloved as I awakened out of my sleep this morning were: “I want you to kiss me my darling!” Now that’s what I call “wowing” the heart of a woman! I’ve always wanted to be called “darling” and the Lord is the first and only one who has ever called me this. Wow, wow and another wow! Kisses galore are coming right up!

Later, I heard Him say: “Rachel, Rachel, you are my desired one!” I’ve also, always wanted to be a “Rachel” to someone, especially to God, and now that I am “of age” (even of the new kingdom age,) He’s letting me know His deep desire for me and for all who comprise His matured bride. Jacob longed for his darling, Rachel with all his heart, so much so that he was willing to work for her untiringly for 21 years. Jacob is a type and shadow of God longing and working tirelessly for us, not just for 21 years, but for all our days and now our time of perfection is at the door.

My heart always felt sad for Leah who wasn’t loved the way her sister was. I have identified with Leah on more than one occasion as only once for a very short-lived time did I experience the knowing that I was very beautiful and wonderful in the eyes of a man that I loved. Now, the Lord is saying: “THAT is how I see you: Come kiss me!” Whew! Do you see yourself this way? I hadn’t until recently when my eyes were opened to see as God sees me and learned that how we see means everything.

Leah’s name means “weak-eyed” and her story tells us that as long as we don’t see clearly, we can’t have the desire of our heart. Truly, we need spiritual vision in order to have the beauty which will draw our Beloved to us… Our Beloved is the Lord Jesus Himself, but also, all who are in Him. Do we see this?: How many of us know that every time we love and embrace one of His own, we are embracing Him and that He is loving us through that person?

Recently I had some wonderful communication with someone online whose passion for truth and ability to express it was like a brilliant many faceted diamond that endeared and engaged me to him. No wonder a diamond ring is given to a betrothed one signifying the promise of union. A diamond symbolizes truth and truly, it is knowing the truth that is our passion. One who has the truth and is longing for more draws us to him or her. Only through truth and love can we know divine union with God and each other.

Prior to my responding to this treasured brother, I had a vision of us kissing each other with a “holy kiss.” You may wonder how I know it was holy and not lustful, eh? The essence of holiness is purity of heart and I could perceive his heart and the longing we both had and have for God… We are called to know no man after the flesh, but after the spirit and I knew that our engaging with each other was so that we could experience truth and the love of Christ together. Yes, bringing understanding through love was and is God’s calling to us and to people everywhere. He commands us to greet each other with a “holy kiss” and I’m planning to make “smooching” into a well known business that reaches the world. How about you?

I have a very dear friend whose name is “Amanda” which has the inherent meaning of “worthy of love” and “virtuous” is its spiritual connotation. Yes, Amanda is worthy of lots of kisses as she has one of the tenderest, gentlest, and purest spirits I have ever known and when we are together, it is heaven on earth. All of Christ is drawn out of me to her and vice versa. When we’re together, we truly do know the sacredness and blessing God has in store for His people when hearts are knit together in love and brethren dwell in unity. Our Lord’s most fervent prayer that we be one has been actualized in this appointed and anointed relationship and how I praise God for it.

Now I want to share a little about another friend whose flavor and fragrance differs from Amanda’s, but is precious as well. Brenda who has gone on to be with the Lord was given a name which means “sword” with the spiritual interpretation being “Glory of God.” When we first met, we did not like each other at all as I reminded her of her mother with whom she was at odds and I won’t tell you who she reminded me of. We did not embrace and what we engaged in was a big clash that upset more than an apple cart: Heads went rolling. Isn’t that what happens sometimes when the Word of God comes to us contrary to our thinking… to the traditions we’ve learned, to our culture’s ways instilled in us, to our prejudices and more? Ah, but when we receive that one who has the word of the Lord for us, what glory comes! Through the amazing grace of God, Brenda became one of the best and most cherished friends that I have ever had. Almost every time she came to my house, even when she was just at the door, the presence of God would manifest so strongly that we’d be like drunken men, staggering under His power laughing and giggling with joy. The Lord knows I miss her.

Each one of God’s children have purpose, beauty and blessing in them. Do you know that the names of the people we are intimate with and are drawn to represent the various aspects of God’s nature that will become our own, too? This morning after hearing “I want you to kiss me, my darling,” I found myself singing a song I knew long ago that has the refrain: “The king is coming, the king is coming: I just heard the trumpet sounding and now His face I can see. The king is coming, the king is coming! Praise God, He’s coming for me!” It’s not by chance that my kissing-blogger’s name means “king.” I truly am seeing “the King,” the One who reigns within him and in the other pure-hearted brethren He’s bringing into perfection in this hour.

As I looked into the name of Rachel I understood more why our Lord is calling me and others by this lovely name: The inherent meaning of Rachel is “lamb” with “innocence” as its spiritual significance and this reveals that when we cease eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we return to being like little innocent children and precious lambs. It is in this state of purity that we can see the face of God with clear vision. Oh yes, our Bridegroom/King is coming to those who are pure in heart and are looking for Him.

So you, who are His Bride, even His Beloved Rachel: “Get ready now for His appearance…. and be sure to “PUCKER UP”!

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