That Which is to Come

“Laughter” left. The “Land of Mourning” would not allow her to remain for there was no place suitable for her. Lament, grief and sadness occupied every home and could not bear to have “Laughter” and “Joy” to be neighbors. They had chosen their dispositions because of the influence of “Unbelief”, the ruler of the land, who blinded all their eyes from seeing the possibility of change. They lived in chains and saw no means of deliverance.

There was one though, in their midst named “Pity” who was beginning to see a very small stream of light breaking through the window of his soul. While it was true that he had much self-pity in his heart, he nevertheless had pity and compassion for those around him. He began to call for help for them and the angels’ ears had his attention.

While the angels were aware of his cry, they were powerless to do much because the tyranny of “Reason” had usurped the rule of “Simplicity” as the highest Central Intelligence officer.

During the time of “Simplicity”’s service when Queen “Kind Heart” was alive, all were like little children and laughter lived in everyone’s homes. Every person did what was right and King “Nobility” rejoiced in them blessing them with all he had.

But everything changed after a terrible plane crash took place when another plane collided with the aircraft “Tender Heart” and “Nobility” were in. It killed all of them and all the passengers on both planes. None of the people of the land were aware that the powers of darkness accomplished this dastardly deed from the second heaven. Witchcraft sent from this realm was an evil mighty force that had gained an upper hand when the watchers of the land were in slumber.

Now that “King Heart” and “Nobility” were no longer in rulership, worthless ones crept in and seized the throne with none to stop them. Queen “Angry Heart” and King “Nonchalant” took their place with no one resisting them. “Nonchalant” never spoke up when matters needed his attention and because of this, “Angry Heart” was always having tantrums of rage. There was continual chaos in the land with every man for himself because of this divided house. It was after “Angry Heart” and “Nonchalant”’s rule was over, that their son “Unbelief” sat on the throne. All productive activities stopped then and without a booming, thriving economy, poverty set in. No one could make a fair living as long as “Unbelief” ruled.

But things were going to change.because much activity was taking place in the third realm of heaven. where things always got perfectly done. Arrows of deliverance were being shot into “Pity”’s heart one after the other and on the tip of those arrows was God’s word, the divine medicine that was the cure for an ailing heart. “Pity” began to realize that “Faith” had come with “Grace” and “Love” accompanying him.

It was “Grace” who first spoke up: “You have been pitiful far too long! “Faith”, “Love” and I are here to change your name. While it has been good that you have had pity on others, they need more than your pity. They need your boldness to speak the word of God to them. By your doing this and by the people receiving the word into their hearts, the land will be healed and  “Joy” shall  be the name of the land, not “Mourning.”

Then “Faith” spoke up next: “You must now eat the flesh and drink the blood of the “Lamb” and when you do, day by day you will get stronger until you will finally be so strong, that no enemy will be able to stand before you. You shall go through three name changes before you will be crowned king of the land of “Joy”… Your first name given to you now is “Enlightenment”…. After you eat the honey I have brought to you, you will then be named “Interrogation”…. This is one of the most powerful names on earth because without interrogation… without the spirit of man searching the innermost parts of “being”, there can be no truth. And finally your name shall be “Truth Established.” Only a kingdom ruled by “Truth Established” can reign forever.

It was then that “Love” decreed: “Because you have received me, and purposed to have me always with you and in you, you shall never fail.

Oh my! The shout that came from “Pity No More” could be heard all over the earth and in the heavens the moment he heard the life-giving words. A substance like the wind flowed into his body revitalizing every one of his cells and he knew that he knew every one of “Faith”’s words would come to pass. He was already sitting on the throne because “Grace” had been poured out and because “Love” never fails.

Do you know this, too? If so, you shall sit on the throne at the right hand of God and be crowned “Faithful and True”!

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