Kindness Regained

“Kindness” forgot her name. It happened when “Desire” moved in with her taking more and more rooms of her house until “Kindness” was so overcome by “Desire”, she no longer retained power over her own home.

“Desire” had only one goal and it was to get what she wanted and now “Kindness had become just like her. In doing so, she lost her name and became ruthlessly driven by the lust that consumed her. “Kindness Lost” didn’t hear the still small voice within that warned: “Wait! Don’t run after what you want. Be attentive to God’s word.” Not listening to the warning, the driven, overtaken one soon became deaf to the voice of “Truth”’ and “Desire”’s voice became so loud that it downed out even the sound of “Truth”’s words.

Poor “Kindness Lost”… She not only had forgotten her name, she had forgotten where she put her key of “Love.” She used “Desire”’s key instead, thinking that her key could bring ecstasy and self-fulfillment. Now blind, deaf and deceived, this lost one thought that “Desire”’s key could open the door to the secret place of the stairs, while all along “Loving Kindness” and “Purity” were the keys to not only the secret place of the stairs, but to all places. They were the master keys that could and would open up everything in both the inner and outer worlds.

“What shall I do?” she cried. “How will I ever be able to overcome “Desire”?” Then she wept tears of remorse for her unkind and hurtful ways, especially for pride, self assurance, self arrogance and presumption. Through true repentance her eyes were opened to see that insecurity, fears and disdain for herself and others were underneath her ungodly ways that caused trouble and stumbling blocks to others. So many judged her without having love in their hearts for her and “Kindness Lost” mourned greatly for them and for herself understanding that “Faith”, “Love” and “Abundant Life” had been stripped from them.

When the realization came to “Kindness Lost” that she had forgotten her name and that the only way that it could be remembered was by kicking “Desire” out of her house, she became deeply troubled and afraid. She knew that she was not strong enough in herself to drive “Desire” out.

A dove named “Merciful” suddenly appeared to “Kindness Lost” like a lightning strike hitting its mark. With a heart beating with rhythmic, wooing sounds of compassion, she looked “Kindness Lost” straight in the eye and spoke with unflinching resolve: “Know you not that all things work well for those who place their trust in the “Most High God” and who have purposed to learn from their mistakes? “Love” and “Favor” are “Humility”’s children granted to accompany all who truly repent. Their secrets will always be revealed to those who seek the truth.”

“Kindness Lost” looked at the two of them and lamented: “How can I regain what I’ve lost? Is it at all possible?”

“PRAY!” they answered in one accord. “Behold:  the heavens are opening… the secret place of the stairs is now being revealed and as you take each step on it, ““Wonder” will be with you. At the top of the stairs “Miracle” along with “Pure Desire” will be there waiting and you will not only remember your name, your entire being shall be changed. You shall be still, … you shall be alive and YOU shall be REMEMBERED!

And so it came to pass that in “Secret’s Light” in the highest heaven, “Kindness Regained” was numbered among the holy ones whose names were written in the “Book of Wonders”… even the “Book of Life.”

Can you hear the message of the angels speaking to you now? Listen well! “When you overcome selfish desire’s power over you, YOUR name will be written there, too!”

Categories: Allegories

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