In The Twinkle Of Your Eyes

“Proficient” was beside her…an assistant to her destiny that she did not see, for the appointment for her eyes to be opened had not yet come. Nonetheless, “Proficient” walked with her waiting for the time of the unveiling to come.

As “Bruised Wheat” carelessly walked on her chosen path, fire was seen on the horizon picking up momentum and enlarging itself as it moved swiftly toward her. “Bruised Wheat” froze in her tracks not knowing what to do, realizing that the fire was “The Fire” that had come to try all men. Oh works not of the father we’re going to be burned up in it. There was no longer time to work the works of faith and grace.

In “Bruised Wheat”’s pocket was a magic wand… a rod that could change circumstances. She grabbed feverishly for it, but could not get a handle on it because the handle was no more and old ways would no longer be useful.

“Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit,” the voice thundered. “No longer can you depend on your own hand… your power to bring forth! This is the “Day of Judgment”! You will only be able to survive by calling on my name and bowing low. When you bow low (enough), my angels will come and carry you through the fire without your being burned.

Just as Joshua commanded the moon and sun to stand still, you have the power to do so as well. Do it “Bruised Wheat!”… Do it now!”

“Bruised Wheat” knew the voice of the One to whom she belonged. She had been trained to know that voice well, though she doubted it.

“Come let us reason together in the allotted time… Come let us know one another… Take on my heavenly attributes… Deck yourself with glory, beauty, honor, majesty and excellence. My attributes will cause you to stand. Love will cause you to come forth victoriously.

My wheat shall come into my barn. My own shall know my protection in this fiery hour.

All this shall take place in the realm of the Spirit in the twinkling of an eye”.

Are you ready? Do you have twinkling eyes like your Beloved’s?

Categories: Allegories

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