Conception of Glory

It began in the land of “Nowhere”. A light was conceived in the mind of God. It was a lesser light for He was the great light, but it contained the fullness of Him. He called the light “Madonna” for she was and is His redeeming grace.

Although “Madonna” was born in the land of “Nowhere”, her destiny was to fill the universe.  Out of nothing was to come everything, that men might know the greatness of God- the God of the impossible!

“Open your eyes and see, oh man, the God who is your Father!” But alas, all men are blind and asleep in their sin. The beast of the field has come with fire on his lips, speaking the words of the deceiver and all have followed him- even the elect for a season.

“Madonna”-  Come forth to my elect for it is only in their conception that you can propagate the universe.”

“Madonna” is FULL- full of grace, even the child of grace called to dwell among the children of the earth that the beauty of the Lord might be revealed.  “Come- see her work.”

And so it came to pass that the brilliance of the Lord in “Madonna” was to come in the twinkling of an eye. “Madonna” became a twinkling light after the thought of God. She arose on the day the morning stars shouted for joy. She came forth in the plan of the “Beloved”, even to conquer the world.

First she called to the flowers of the field of men, and the flowers on the hillside received her into the center of their very being. Oh how they rejoiced at her coming, but when the “North Wind” of trouble and tribulation blew on them, they could no longer contain her light. Because pride was in the core of their being, they could not humble themselves to allow the “North Wind” to do a work in them.

They did not know that they had to be broken, for long before the universe existed, God said:  “Only a broken and a contrite spirit will I marry!”  So these lost flowers were rejected even though for a time they rejoiced in the light.

Now on the heights of the mountains were giant oaks. The twinkling light appeared to them and they thought surely she would come into them, but she could not because they were too strong and sure of themselves. All such would be rejected.  There was much howling among them because they were blinded by her brilliance.

You would think the beautiful fruit trees would be her final and everlasting destiny…..Their buds had come, then the flowers and fruit seemingly promising of fulfillment. For a season, these too, received the light into the fruit of themselves. But when the worms came and devoured their substance, the light of grace could no longer remain because the fruit trees stole the glory of God thinking it came from them. These boastful, prideful ones did not realize that thought was their ruination, for they were deceived by the fiery tongue of the beast: “I will ascend”, he said in them and their ascension was their downfall.

It was in the lowest part of the earth that the red and gold of God came forth in the form of a pumpkin-… even the pumpkins of the elect made ONE. The pumpkin’s name was “Conception of Glory.” Truly, “Madonna” and “Conception” were one for they always were, but in the plan of God, the revealing of it had to come in this manner for man to see HIS GREATER GLORY.

It was written:  “Greater works shall you do, oh man, because I go unto myFather.” Man did not know the One saying those words for he did not yet know that He was the Son. “Hear, oh Israel, the Lord thy God is ONE GOD and so art thee o man REDEEMED- thou art one with me-my essence, my substance, my being.

Now go forth, mine ELECT, to the everlasting hillsides and mountains and call into being my flowers and oak and fruit trees- Go forth with mercy, my anointing and bring to these my essence that they, too, might be changed. ALL shall come into the knowledge of the Lord…..All shall know that “I AM THAT I AM”, even now!

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