In That Day

On the day “Insignificant” was born, her father “Pride” stormed out of the hospital angrily shouting “That’s not MY child!” He had chosen to cast a dark shadow over his wife “Purpose” rather than admit the little deformed baby was his own.  In his heart, he knew that his wife had never been with another man, but he and “Purpose” had been separated for six weeks which could have given credence to his accusation.

“Purpose” was a beautiful and courageous woman who had two sons by “Pride” named “Religion” and “Works”, both the joy of their father. “Pride” had always wanted boys and these two were just like him. He didn’t want any more children, but “Prophecy”, his wife’s interfering friend, put a bug in her ear about having a third child who she prophesied would be a girl. From then on “Purpose” determined to have another child, and there was no getting around it: Whatever she intended to do, she did.

“Pride” loved his wife and in the beginning their marriage arranged by their parents, was a good one. “Purpose” liked the good show “Pride” put on, not realizing it was a show until after the birth of their second child. She lost respect for her husband then and he, seeing that, took to drinking. On the night of a wild drunken spree, “Insignificance” was conceived.

When “Pride” found out that “Purpose” was pregnant, he beat her up unmercifully. “Purpose” told him from the beginning that if he ever laid a hand on her, she’d leave him and so it was that “Insignificant” indirectly, was the cause of her parent’s breakup……not a good beginning to be sure. “Purpose” didn’t know how she was going to raise her little child alone, but she had determination and “Prophecy’s” word that she could do it. Despite all the troubles “Insignificant”’s arrival caused, “Purpose” loved her. She was a comely child and the way she cocked her head and the soft light around her warmed her mother’s heart. Although “Insignificant” was crippled, her mother had hope that she would not always be so.

No one knew except her friends “Prophecy”, “Faith”, and “Love” that “Purpose” had a miraculous transformation when she was sixteen years old. Her name was changed then from “Lazy” to “Purpose” and it was because she opened the “Door of Hope” at an earlier age. That door revealed the path that led to faith. Yes, “Purpose” knew the way of making all great wishes to come true. “Prophecy” told her that the miracle of her body becoming totally healed would happen at the time the bells of holiness rang on the last day and “Purpose” was determined that “Pride” and her other children would be there to see it. Because she believed, faith in her heart became so alive in her that she knew what the new names of her family would be: “Pride” would become “Humility”, “Works” would become “Rest”, and “Religion” would become “Intimacy with God.” What great expectation “Purpose” had for her little family because she knew that the words by “Prophecy” always came true.

Although she had faith for the future, she worried about how she was going to provide for her daughter and for herself. She never had any professional training and had little prospect of getting a good job. As providence would have it, on the day that “Purpose” left the hospital, her husband announced: “No family of mine is going to be on the street. I don’t want to be with a wife who doesn’t respect me or with a disabled daughter, but I won’t let it be said that “Pride” doesn’t take care of his own. I will provide for your needs, but “Works” and “Religion” are to stay with me. You build yourself a life somewhere else”, “Pride” managed to say without showing the sorrow in his heart.

And so, it came to pass that “Insignificant” grew up in the town of “Small Things.” An ant named “Busy” and her cousin “Industrious” visited “Insignificant” every day bringing her treasures from the work of their hands. “These hands are blessed” they would tell her and yours can be too, if you learn “the secret.” It was forbidden to tell anyone the “secret” because the “secret” was in everyone’s heart to be discovered when their need and desire reached the point that they could not live without knowing it.

That day arrived for “Insignificant” when everything went wrong: Everything she tried to do resulted in failure and her hands trembled so hard that whatever she held crashed to the floor. She had never learned the art of a “gentle touch” and because of it, her hands steadily got worse from the affliction that made her hands trembled and that hardened heart. The affliction was “Self-pity,” a malady that most in the town of “Small Things” had. They received “Insignificant” with acceptance and favor for they were just like her and each of them supported each other or rather consorted with each other in troublesome ways over their afflictions. The town of “Small Things” was also called the town of “Sorrow.” None of them realized the greatness that was to be found in the town of “Small Things,” because none looked up, for if they had they would have seen a rainbow that pointed to a gold pot.

Day after day “Busy” and “Industrious” the only ones in the town that had any joy, visited “Insignificant.” “Come with us” they commanded “Insignificant” on the day they found her crying over the broken vessels. “We believe it’s your time.” They could see the golden key in “Insignificant’s heart shining brightly- “You shall unlock the secret today!” they shouted together.

“Insignificant” wasn’t sure at all, but her friends were so confident, she couldn’t help but go along with them…. Hope was springing up in her heart like a hidden flower nestled in rocks somehow breaking through. “What is the smallest thing in the world?” they asked “Insignificant.” 

“A mustard seed,” she replied without even having to think, for a butterfly named “Anxiously Waiting” was on her shoulder and then in her head bringing forth the answer spontaneously. 

“Now look up, “Insignificant.” She could do so because her friends and the butterfly forcefully pushed her chin up. When she saw the beautiful rainbow, she gasped. Somehow the angel who stood by it miraculously projected a mustard seed into her hand.

“You must be about the Father’s business now,” the angel commanded, “and plant the mustard seed in the gold pot. The mustard seed is worth more than all the gold in the world and with the right environment, it shall flourish and bring you all that you could desire. “Insignificant” wondered at the angel’s words: “The secret is simply “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” If you will do this, your mustard seed will be watered and fed by every good deed that you do… every kind thought that you have toward another. In time your tree will be so huge that it’s branches will cover the earth and all will come to rest under its shade. Can you not see that this city of “Small things” has become the place of your salvation??”

“Yes, yes, I see it!” Insignificant cried. “I shall do it! I shall feed my mustard seed- I shall be like one who has become another- one who has become great through believing and loving kindness. But tell me, how can I bring my father and brothers here? – How will they ever find the key of truth when their dispositions are so contrary to it.

“Insignificant” didn’t know that her father had been languishing since the day she and her mother left him in the town of “Pompous Haughtiness” He was near to death and seemingly with no way of recovery. A little bird who was called “Conveyer of Secrets” appeared to “Insignificant” and relayed the sad news to her, but as soon as the words were out of the bird’s mouth, another bird named “Cheer” appeared. “Don’t be afraid Little One. Remember what’s in the gold pot,” he told her.

“Insignificant thought: “What kind deed can I do that will make a difference?” A light appeared instantly in the recesses of her brain. The mustard seed was not only in the pot- It was growing inside of her. Her nervous system’s branches were the branches of the tree.

Without having to think, she found herself proclaiming life, saying: “I decree life to the languishing and to the proud in all the earth around me. My words are life and they shall come forth.”

A strange thing started to happen- Expressions on people’s faces started to change. Demons that had long troubled them disappeared. Their hearts became alive and a great company of no longer proud ones came together. “We have heard of the King,” they chanted in one voice- “The words of Life and the mercy of the King have changed our hearts and ways and we wish to visit our king and do him homage.”

Everywhere children ran, flowers bloomed, voices sang and hearts were one. “Insignificant” called her mother who had also been pining away forgetting the “Door of Hope” and what her name was. “Come! Come! Come!” she shouted! “It’s your time to be fulfilled, Mother,” and instantly when she arrived, “Purpose” became “Fulfillment”. Her husband, no longer “Pride” but “Humility” was transported by her side along with “Rest” and “Intimacy with God” who were no longer “Works” and “Religion.” “Insignificant”’s words of life were so powerfully activated that the “Angel of Destiny” appeared at the sound of them. The angel led them all through the “Door of Hope”, the “Door of Faith” and then through the “Door of Manifestation” in the twinkling of an eye…. In that twinkle, “Insignificant” became “Shekinah Glory” and her deformity was no more.

Can you see “Shekinah” and all of God’s glorious ones beckoning you? It’s YOUR time too, to come into manifestation and pay homage with them to the One Who deserves all the praise, glory and honor!

Hallelujah! The king of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ reigns!

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