All Glorious

This morning just when I woke up, I heard the word “brocade” and thought of the scripture: “The King’s daughter is all glorious within: Her clothing is embroidered with gold.” Psalm 45:13

“Embroidered” in Strong’s Concordance Hebrew 4865 is: “A BROCADE, a, setting of a, gem”

When God gives a word, you can be sure that just like a picture is worth a thousand words, so is one word from Him. The word “brocade” was a love letter from Him to me to dry up my tears. I found myself saying: “I will dance with you, my king” and then a vision came of me in a glorious white flowing gown moving gracefully with Him in a whirling motion, but I was looking to the side. The Lord gently instructed me: “Look into my eyes… It is there you will find life.”

Our God takes us in His loving arms holding us firmly close to Him but giving us grace to freely keep in step with Him. In the vision I was looking at where we were going, like one does in doing the Tango, but the Lord was desiring me to have deep intimacy with Him through my looking straight into His eyes. Eyes represent understanding and it’s been said that eyes are the windows of the soul.

We CAN know our God’s mind, will and emotions…. Yes, we can. Everyone who is His bride can have such a deep intimacy with Him that we can lose ourselves (our self life) in looking into His eyes of love… We can know our worth,… even that we are the apple of His eye.

Come with me now and look with closely into this word “brocade” and into Psalm 45:13.

If you’re anything like me you have not been able to avoid seeing your flesh and with each appearance the question comes: “How will I ever be without spot or blemish?”

In this season with the seventh trumpet sounding and the battle of Meggido bringing to light everything in us not like our God, have you wept before our Lord as I have been doing knowing that you have no power to change yourself in yourself? Does the scripture: “There’s no good thing in me.. that is, in my flesh!” resound in you like a multitude of cawing vultures ready to devour your flesh?

There’s no getting away from it: that flesh of ours will be there until we die… Do you hear our Lord telling us to be thankful and to rejoice in ALL things??… That ALL things work for the good for those who love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose? … Does this mean even our flesh??

A while ago, I had a vision of myself as a bride dressed in white with no spot or blemish on my gown, but I had a very, VERY ugly face. Shortly after being given this vision, the circumstances in my life instigated some awful, repugnant, grotesque ways in me to surface. No groom in his right mind would want me, but MY bridegroom did and still does. Hallelujah!! He knew that even though my flesh acted up, I was in total union with Him which was what my being a bride in a spotless white bridal gown signifies. Can you hear the apostle Paul telling us that we are NOT the flesh? Do we know it??

So how can our acting in the flesh possibly work for the good? Think not that I am one who advocates “cheap grace.” God forbid! Those of us who love our Lord know the horrific price He paid on the cross for our sins and we most assuredly don’t want to sin. But when we do, these are a few of the ways which I believe that it can work for our good:

1: Sorrow makes the heart better and there’s nothing that brings greater sorrow than our knowing we did wrong. But think of this: It is in the acknowledging of the truth that we bring GLORY to God.

2. We become more deeply and acutely aware of the power of the blood and the realization of the great love of Jesus in His shedding it for us.

3. It gives a death blow to pride and self-righteousness.

4.Just as a negative and a positive is needed to power up a battery, we need an exchange to buy gold (the divine nature of God.) When we overcome our sins we have buying power to become like Him .

5.We could not be Overcomers, unless there was something to overcome.

My sister recently requested that we have a phone conversation using FaceTime and I replied: I’ve been looking everywhere for my “pretty face”, but I can’t find it!” Sigh! Aren’t we like that when we do wrong? We want to hide just like Adam and Eve did, but instead if a fig leaf, here comes God with a word like “Brocade” and lets us know that we are ALL GLORIOUS within.

I found the etymology of this word interesting: a “ linen fabric variegated with gold and silver or otherwise ornamented… from “stud, set with nails.”

These are some of my thoughts concerning “set with nails.” One of the last things done by man to Jesus was to put nails in Him on the cross. When our bodies are dead, one of the last things done is that nails are put in the coffins. Could it be that this glorious dress of the King’s daughter being set with nails symbolizes every sin that she overcame? We have the expression “She/he nailed it!” when somebody accomplishes a great feat. Truly through the grace, power, spirit, word, and love of God, we who are His bride have nailed it”: We have put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Oh YES! Look into the eyes of Jesus now and let there be LIFE!! SEE that you and I are truly all glorious within!

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