Banded Together

This morning as I prayed in tongues the words “banded together” came in English…. then shortly afterwards, I heard the words “No nonsense!” come in a thundering voice. Prior to that moment I had cried out to God as I realized how far from being in unity the body of Christ is seeing us as being like a disjointed body severely crippled with arthritis. Can you hear it my brethren?: Many of us in the body of Christ are displaying sickness in our physical parts including myself, because we are not TOGETHER… we have not been REmembered. Joshua and Caleb had the faith to enter into the promised land, but they COULD NOT until they were JOINED with others to enter in. I and all the members of the body of Christ are called to pray for our healing and our unity … It is the HEART of God that we do so.

Yes, the Lord is revealing to us that one of the reasons we have been in such a disunited state is because we have allowed nonsense to have an unrightful place in our lives, but there’s more involved: We are fragmented because we have not dealt with the issues in our relationships with much needed candor and clarity.  When there’s talk that doesn’t edify, it must be stopped… WHY are we wasting time with idle talk? Why are we allowing petty differences to cause divisions among us? Why are we not correcting the unruly ones, the ones drowning in self pity, the ones gossiping and slandering others, and all the others steeped in sins that have brought reproach to the body of Christ? Where are those who will confront the brethren who lie? Annias and Sapphires  fell down dead after Peter told them that they had lied to the Holy Ghost. Where is our power to deal with such wickedness? Why have we kept silent about the heresies, deceptions and errors of the people and ministries we are connected to? I hear the Lord’s voice booming: “Speak the truth IN LOVE! Don’t hold it back!

This ministry began with the Lord revealing that He wanted His power and might to be revealed to and through us. So come now: Let us pray that we have boldness in this Day of Judgment for THIS is the way His power and might will be demonstrated. Brethren, we MUST judge and reprove the things that are amiss…. Yay: It is our calling: “Judges (deliverers, saviors) shall appear on Mount Zion to judge the Mount of Esau (the flesh) Obadiah 1: 21

A while after I heard the word “no nonsense”, “Enoch” came in my tongues…. and later “bastillon”.

Sometimes the Spirit of God will bring one of the allegories that I have written in the past to speak something fresh to me. “Up on the Roof Top” was brought to my mind today and in it a twenty-one day fast was mentioned. I believe that our Lord is calling for us to fast now so that the “bastillon” (stronghold, fortress) of the devil will be brought down… that nonsense be no more… that divisions in our relationships be removed… that we will be shown what we have done that has caused offense and disunity… and that we will have the humility and wisdom we need to repair the breaches…

Brethren, we must each repent fully before we can see the salvation of the Lord in our souls and bodies… before we can have unity among us…. before God’s might and power can be demonstrated….before we can experience the spiritual reality of the Feast of Tabernacles, even the fullness of God manifested in us. Yay! That we will be like “Enoch” having the testimony of God being ones who will not taste death.

I found it more than interesting that the etymology of the word “band” (an organized group) has a root meaning of “sign”…. When all the organs of the body of Christ are healthy and its joints functioning well. we shall be a sign to the world…. Truly, it is our love one for another that is the sign that we are His disciples. THEN they will know He’s ALIVE IN US!! Hear it precious called ones of God: “BE YE PERFECT!”

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