Shepherd-Bride Come Inside!

This morning upon waking up I heard the word “shepherd” and then as I began singing in tongues, these English words came: “Shepherd-Bride come inside!” Before revealing what I believe God is saying through these words, I feel to share other words that I have been given from the Lord first.

Some time last year the word “Megiddo” came in my tongues and afterwards the Lord led me to one of J. Preston Eby’s writings  “From the Candlestick to the Throne”. In it, Preston brought out that Revelation 16 is about the great battle WITHIN-… that Armageddon is the battle among the kings within us that have ruled us- the kings of “pride, jealousy, resentment, criticism, 

condemnation, judging, presumptuousness, desire for recognition, authority or control, carnal reasonings, vain imaginations, doubts, false doctrines, fears, anger, frustration, lust, worldliness, and any one of a hundred more…….. that this great end timely battle is for identifying these kings so that we can see them, recognize them for what they are, and destroy them from our lives.”

Truly, it is only after we overcome these kings that we can remain in the spirit and not go out of the spirit anymore. 

    I heard the Spirit say: “Shulamite woman, be prepared for an ascension.” I believe what is next on God’s timetable is OUR TRANSFIGURATION… We are to have an experience just like Jesus had when He met with Moses and Elijah-…. We are going to be caught up, not off the literal earth into heaven afar off, but caught up into the Spirit to be manifested here on earth with God’s glory in us fully shining out of us. 

THEN we will no longer be in a Pentecostal state of mixture… THEN we will be changed (transfigured) and our garment shall be white (“purity” seen and expressed) having bodies that can move through the crowds without being touched. How we need to have this experience in this day when the masses of people all over the world are raging and ready to kill us!

     It is the Philadelphian church (the church of brotherly love) that fulfills our Lord’s commandment to love one another… it is this body of believers that “shall go no more out” (Rev. 3:12) signifying our remaining in the Spirit, not being in the flesh one moment and in the Spirit the next.

     I did a little research on the word “Shulamite” and found that part of its meaning is to be unbroken or WHOLE. Think of it: We shall no longer have a broken image, but we shall have the image of Christ clearly seen in us shining as the Sun. Oh get ready, get ready, GET READY beloved Shulamite woman‼️ 

As I pondered over the word “shepherd” and then “shepherd bride”, I believe this woman- the Shulamite woman is the soul (bride) who comes into full union with the spirit (shepherd)…. Many have been the shepherds of the body of Christ who were full of mixture… who, because they were not WHOLE could not qualify as being true shepherds, but this is the hour of the true ones coming forth who can lead the body of Christ and protect them…. those who guide (shepherd) by LOVE (bride). Summarizing what God is saying through this word “Shepherd Bride come inside” I see it as an admonition to come INto the spirit and not go out. 

Long ago while praying in tongues I heard the English words: “Abide… abide…. ABIDE IN ME” and then “MORE THAN YOU CAN ASK OR THINK!” Ah, my brethren: ALL of God’s promises will come true and more when the Shepherd Bride is in the Spirit and no more out of it!!

As I found myself singing in tongues later this morning , these English words came in them: “Shiloh! Shiloh song… to you I belong!” Because my allegory “Shiloh’s Trump” came to mind after hearing this, I believe that you will be enriched by reading it. 

When the Lord gives me allegories to write, they often contain revelations of what I had not known previous to my writing them. It’s like an adventure into the unknown for me full of surprises and even, wonders. 

So today when you go inside into the spirit realm within, may you find great treasures and be full of wonder. God knows: What you discover today may be the key that opens the door to reality… even the real you that you have never known yourself to be‼️I am finding myself to be a NEW me every day and amazed to see I’m beautiful and fully equipped for my day… something and someone I only dreamed this wretched person I once was could be and…. now “I am that I am” beautiful in His sight and mine…. This is YOUR reality. TOO‼️

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