Smell the Rose

“Courteous” had not always been courteous. Before her name was changed, she was called “Abrupt Anger” and oh my! How she could be angry when things didn’t go her way… when she couldn’t get what she wanted. “Abrupt Anger” was always disappointed when it came to men. Since she was a little child, she dreamed of a prince charming who would come and love her and didn’t realize that down deep she expected that she would be the center of his attention. All the girls of her generation had the same expectation because the fairy tales they heard supported this illusion. The whole world had an idealistic view of what love and romance should be and this ideal was the bedrock of “Abrupt Anger’s” expectations… It was not only in her subconscious mind that a man should behave in the way she dreamed, but in the subconscious thinking of almost every female of her culture for they had all been fed “the lie”. By the time that the girls were grown women, deception and disillusion had become so intertwined, their personalities were deformed. They had no true perception or balanced understanding of the role that a woman was called to play in a man’s life and vice versa and because of it, they were bound for heartache.
Only God could fulfill their deepest desire and while “Abrupt Anger” and many others knew this in their minds, they did not know it in their hearts. This was because deception was in them and until the time deception would be exposed, they expected a prince charming to meet their innermost need of acceptance and love.

The girls who had absent fathers from their lives had not only deception defiling them preventing them to conceive true love, they had broken hearts that could not allow men their rightful place in their lives…. and so they were angry, unfulfilled and hurting. Sigh! What was the remedy??

A little ant called “Truth Remembered” had the answer. On the day “Truth Remembered” came into her life, “Abrupt Anger” almost stepped on him and crushed him… But in that crucial moment, “Truth Remembered” shouted in a loud voice that she could hear. “Stop!” he bellowed. “You are going in the wrong direction. You must stop beating up men and beating up yourself!” When he spoke these words he grew in size and was no longer an ant, but manifested as a glorious angel. The reason “Truth Remembered” was initially in the form of an ant was because it’s the little things that count in life… If a person does not pay attention to the little things, there’s no way that he or she can comprehend the whole…. and don’t you know!?- Becoming whole is the “Remedy”.

Sigh! How many will pay attention to an ant? How many will crush the very thing that will save them? The ant was like the conscience who not only brings conviction when something is wrong, but is a light to shine on the path to “Wholeness”, the “Land of the Free.” Only those who hungered for truth would come to know their depravity and their need for change… Only these would be able to stop to smell the roses amidst the thorns of life… Oh yes, every rose comes with a thorn and every woman and man as well.

The question is “Will you look at the thorn and allow it to prick you or will you look at the rose and become what you see?…And even more important than seeing, will you smell the sweet fragrance of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the truth, the way and the life…. even true love?

“Abrupt Anger” in THAT day, became “Courteous” and in YOUR day, you will become gracious, considerate, and respectful, too! Hallelujah!

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