The Turn Of A Screw

We’ve been told: “Don’t screw things up,” but in some situations, tightening a screw may be necessary. The idiom “a turn of the screw” means “another problem or difficulty added to a situation that’s already bad,” and sometimes it takes that to bring something to a head. It’s interesting that a dated meaning of a screw is “prison guard.” Are we prisoners of the Lord like Paul was (Ephesians 4: 1,) needing to be guarded? It seems so, and who would have thought that God designed a screw to be more than we could think? The title of this post came about because of a comment made by a brother and the vision that I was given after it of him turning and turning a screw. Yay, the truth given by him was screwed in, established in a good way.

When I wrote my last blog, I was fully aware that I was exposing my weakness and lack of faith, but God had been so gracious and kind, I felt I had to share the comfort that I was given with the hope that others who had weak moments like I did would be encouraged. Yes, I was like the disciples who had little or no faith at times, but one of my favorite scriptures that was/is deep down in my heart prevailed: “ALL things work for the good for those who love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose,”…. even in THIS situation in which I didn’t have the faith that I could have had.

The dream that made me shake and cry out, was of me in a shower stall unable to defend myself from being sexually attacked by an abuser who pulled back the curtain and came bursting in. It unnerved me because when I was a little girl I had been sexually molested and as an adult, I had been raped. I was shown screaming in great fear in the dream, and another evil man was in it watching and recording me on his iPhone. I know that nothing is supposed to disturb our peace, but this did, and it took God’s mercy through the dream of “Peace’s house” to get it back.

For some days prior to and after I had the dream, I was going through an extremely difficult time as well as my son and others close to me that pulled on my heart. Isaiah 33: 24 states that “no inhabitant of ZION will say they are sick,” and I pray that we will all take heed to this verse, because only life is to be spoken by our tongues.

In a previous post I wrote about another dream that I had in which I was also assaulted, but not sexually…. Yes the war is on, but we have the victory and I am repenting for my lapse of faith. I know that most of you, who read this blog, are going through much tribulation as well. Truly the “Day of FIRE” prophesied about long ago is THIS day in which everything that’s not like God is going to be burned up, but Hallelujah! Our God said He’d deliver us from ALL our troubles, and He does.

Paul gloried in EVERYTHING that happened to him, and I believe it was because of the glory that was to come IN THE END. He was prophesying it! Yes, yes, yes, everything does work out for the good for us. When I was praying in tongues about the dream and all that was going on, the English word “CONSOLATION” came in the midst of them. Hear this: That dream was NOT from the devil. It was of God. When truth comes out, indeed there is consolation, because that’s how we get set free. I have had much ministry concerning the sexual abuse in my life and several demonic spirits had been cast out during those times, but today, because of that dream, more was brought to light. When trauma such as sexual abuse takes place, most people, especially children, are helpless and powerless to stop it. Now I know that the feeling of helplessness that would come over me at times, was due to a demon manifesting itself that was yet to be cast out.

Even though I have had the Holy Ghost with many gifts operating in my life since 1970, I have not demonstrated mighty power and authority through working miracles, but the hindrance has finally been revealed. Listen: God told the Israelites that the land was theirs, but they had to kick squatters out, and likewise, we have to kick demons out. We can’t do it until we know what they are, eh?

So you, too, who are going through these end time fires that have been heated up seven times hotter, KNOW that the glorious truth shall set you free. Yes, you may shake, shake, shake like I did, but when it’s all finished, you’ll have GLORY! So what can I say now, but “Goodness! Gracious Great balls of fire!….. and pretty soon, we and the world are gonna know that


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  1. Hey Michele I’m so sorry to hear about the past issues you endured, my heart goes out to you and I will keep you in my prayers. I know from experience these type of dreams are being used by the enemy as a way to stir up those past issues. I guess my question to you is was you able to make peace with those past issues and talk it out with God? I know it’s a difficult and sensitive issue but being molested myself, I know how crucial this is to our walk. Lots of hugs, love and blessings to you Sister Michele.

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    • I feel your precious love, Robin and find myself wanting to call you “little lambkin,” the name my daughter always called my grandchildren. We are God’s little lambkins destined to become more than roaring lions, eh?
      When I got the word “consolation,” it was very healing to me. I think of how God healed us, is healing us and shall heal us…. It’s a process, eh?
      God often will give a dream or a vision as a type and shadow…. An example is if a dream has a murder take place in it, it’s pointing to anger…. someone else’s or our anger that needs to be dealt with. Some might think the dream was of the devil, but I don’t think so. Assaults, whether sexual or physical, have to do with the force of someone’s will over another. I had my will broken as a little child in more ways than one, and I still have gotten intimidated by strong willed people pressuring me. I realize through the dream and through something that happened recently that there’s more work to be done, and am believing by faith that it’s done. We trust, eh?
      Many, many in the body of Christ have been sexually abused. When a pastor was ministering on this, he asked those who had been abused to stand up. About half the church did and I suspect it’s true everywhere. But there are treasures hid in darkness…. There is revelation, wisdom and understanding that we will have because we went through what we did that will be of tremendous value. Remember that Ruth was a Moabite.
      I didn’t share all that was going on in my life in my post at the time I had this dream…. a fire alarm went on in my home which reminded me of the fire alarm going off for no apparent reason just before I learned my husband had cancer, news of the house I lived in as a child and a teenager being in the newspaper due to a fire… and more I am not going to put words to, and yes, for three days until the dream of Irene’s house came, I allowed fear to have a place it shouldn’t have had. As I write to you now I am realizing that emotions get “locked” in the cells and they are to be called out of them. The dream specifically revealed the emotion “fear” that “perfect love” shall soon cast out. Hallelujah!
      You are very dear Robin, and your kindness, concern and love are a warm blanket… no, a comforter with doves and angels embroidered in gold in it. Thank you my sister. I pray for you too, and right now picture a ball of fire coming at you with you raising your right arm and hand toward it and it is deflected. Thank God for the authority you are using.
      A dream I had many, many years ago let me know that “authority” is the key to healing and must be used by faith that works by love. Yes, it’s a process to come into fullness of authority.
      Bless you my sister. Bless, bless, and bless you more.

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      • AHHHHH! Bless your heart! I just love and care about you so much my sweet sister! You’re very dear to me and I want you to know that I CARE and UNDERSTAND, to some degree, how the past can affect us. You’re beautiful and I can’t wait until we’re gathered to our Lord Jesus and we can meet face to face my dear Sister! You’re in my thoughts, my prayers and blessings. Lots of hugs, love and blessings to you.


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