It’s Dew Time

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! (Psalm 133: 1)

“Obedient” realized that the words he was going to speak to his son “Eager” were a matter of life and death. He had a healthy and powerful relationship with his firstborn child having a stronger bond than most because “Obedient” always received instructions from the Commander-in-Chief of his life. It was “Wisdom” who had inspired “Eager”’s name, informing “Obedient” that eagerness is the primordial force in doing good,…. and in doing bad. The name of the “Most High God” could only be given to ones who passed the final test through earnestly following through until the end. He reveals His holy plan to only those who have ears to hear, and just like his father before him, the time had come for “Eager” to complete his course. He had been in training from when the “Schoolmaster” came into His life long ago, and now “Wisdom” was with “Obedience” to give him the last instructions needed to go on into “Perfection.”

Know you not that you who hunger for truth and righteousness, are called to be perfect, too? Do you know, first and foremost, that you have life and death in your tongue? Hear it and obey the voice of “Wisdom” speaking “Words of Life” to you, and come now with “Obedience”, “Eager”, and all your fellow companions through the “Door of Love.” Know that no man can walk through that holy door until he becomes a song, and that it is “this song” that the world is waiting to hear:…. even the harmonious song of brethren in one mind, in one heart, and in one accord.

Ah, the “Rhapsody of Love” is about to begin! Oh yes, it’s for such a time as this!

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  1. We are in a different time. And depending on one’s perspective but it’ll be good to notice the many blessigs around in this time.


    • You’ve made a good point Kevin. Yes, there are different times and seasons for all of us, but my writings are directed mostly to the “firstfruits” (the forerunners) and the Lord has revealed that coming into perfection is at the door for them. Hallelujah when the remnant sings the “Rhapsody song.” We are very pregnant Kevin, and after we birth our “Wonder,” there will be more pregnant ones and more births afterwards… It will be their time then, too.
      Bless you Kevin and thank you for taking the time to comment and for your love in doing so.

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