More, More, And More Of God’s Power

“These will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer.” (Isaiah 56: 7)

When the going gets rough, many people cry out: “How much more can I take?” and some even give up hope not realizing that their trial is to make them stronger giving them something they wouldn’t have had without it. Truly, there’s “bread” (money, food, and the answer to our prayers) for us in times of troubles, and hallelujah! The bread-maker” Himself, is present in every problem and adversity we face promising deliverance out of all our troubles. We only know about God before our tests come, but afterwards, we know His thoughts and ways if we look to Him, trust Him and endure to the end.

While God is always at work drawing us to Himself, there’s something we can do to know Him more intimately. Yes, it’s in our power to have as much of God as we want, and last night He gave me a word revealing how we can have more and more manifestations of His Spirit in our lives. If we don’t turn the light switch on, we’re not going to get electricity. If we don’t turn the radio on, there’ll be no sound, so likewise, if we want the power of God operating mightily in us, we have to turn on God’s channel through the power of prayer.

Last night I heard the Lord’s voice commanding me to “Crank it up!” In other words: “Stir up the gift!” (2 Timothy 1: 6) A vision also came of me having a large crank in my hand, and then a moment later, God said: “It’s elementary, my dear.” Most of us know these words were spoken by Sherlock Holmes to his assistant, Watson when crimes were solved. Now God, the greatest detective of all, is saying to each of His watt-sons (units of His electric Spirit’s power): “Crank it up”! …. plug into our source, “His voice,” through prayer. More than crimes are solved when we do it: Wonderful mysteries are made known, we’re shown things to come, healing power and miracles manifest, discernment of spirits, words of wisdom and knowledge, the tongues of men and angels come with understanding. Oh brethren, we gotta’ get “cranked up” in order to come into the fullness of God!

To my amazement, one of my subscribers checked a “like” today on a post I had written almost two years ago. https://ridetheheavens.com/2020/10/14/reign-of-tears/ I had forgotten that the Lord had spoken the same words: “It’s elementary, my dear!” to me back then and that I wrote about being in our element meaning “being in the situation we are most effective.” How wonderfully God ties things together emphasizing that yes, yes, yes, we are in our element and become wonderfully effective when we pray, …. and that yes, it is elementary: It’s simple!

Jesus said: “My house shall be called house of prayer” (Matthew 21: 13), and it is through our prayers that our “Maker” works fervently in building us up with one addition after another expanding His house. It is not only new members of the body that He adds, but revelation upon revelation of Who He is, His mysteries, His love and His plans. Everyone whose spiritual name is “Aruba” (She who loves the Lord) will have His great power when they are like King David who proclaimed: “One thing have I desired of the lord, that I will seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in his temple.” (Psalm 27: 4)

So come on all you “Arubas” in the body of Christ: It’s time to “crank it up” in prayer!

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