Who Will Be Catalysts?

She was rubbed raw by heavy burdens, so how could she do what she was called to do? Her name “Catalyst” was not known in the land of “The Unawakened,” so with no one who even knew she existed, it seemed this one’s destiny would not be fulfilled. She was supposed to be the catalyst for the movement called “Trepidation and Shaking,” but without her message being heard, the people couldn’t be awakened out of their slumber. Only through trembling at the Word of God and shaking off the things that were not like Him, could they see God, and how they needed “Catalyst,” but she was not ready to fulfill her calling.

The people did not want to be changed, but instead, they desired to keep the status quo, clinging tightly to their traditions and set ways of thinking. The voice of God was meant to be heard through “Catalyst,” not stifled, but it was not entirely the people’s fault that they were not drawn to this one chosen to help them. There was a stipulation that she had to meet before she could come forth in GLORY: “Fervent” prayer was needed, and without it, she and the people would remain the same. Alas, “Catalyst” had become too lax in making intercessions and supplications for others, not noticing that because of it, she appeared like any other powerless being. Supernatural authority was only given to those who reached out with all their might to get wisdom and love, obeying God in all that He asked them to do.

You, who are wondering why you do not have what you’ve asked for,….  why you haven’t seen the glory of God,…. and why you have not had thunder and lightning accompanying your words: “WHY are you not praying?” Do you not know that you, too, must bear the name “Catalyst” to set this world on fire?

It’s time for thunder and lightning. It’s time to tremble. It’s time to meet the eagles in the sky: Can you see grace and truth with outstretched arms calling you?: “We will empower you-…. We will strengthen you to do the will of the Father…. We are the power you need to meet the stipulation. Come, come COME!” they are pleading: “Be the catalyst the world needs: They’re waiting for YOU!”

Yay! “In the day of His power, (even in THIS day,) we shall be willing!” (Psalm 110: 3) Hallelujah!

Author’s note: I had a vision of a forehead with the writing “SEALED” on it, and there were many kisses shown by the red lips on each letter. Then when I prayed in tongues, I heard the word: “Enoch-door,” and thought about the 144,000 thousand virgins recorded in the Book of Revelation who were sealed-….“pure ones,” having no lovers, but God. I believe that only those who walk in purity, love, and wisdom, having understanding of God’s ways and thoughts will be the ones who are sealed…. They shall be like Enoch who pleased God, not seeing death because they won’t be eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Enoch’s door is the door of “translation,” and Hallelujah! This vision given today, is letting us know that the sealing and translation are AT HAND!

I love the red lips in it-…. even holy kisses from lips washed by the blood of the Lamb. Tell me: What kind of lips do you have? If you’ve got what I think you do, come on: Pucker up and give me some lovin’, and after all our holy kisses have done their work….

We’ll be SEALED!

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