Rejoice! The Old Man Is Dead

“Widows don’t dance!” The angry one shouted in a loud, disapproving voice.”

“Well I do!”, “Witness” boomed back, untouched by his scorn. “My old man won’t be beating me anymore. Who are you to judge me, you hypocritical Pharisee? You live with a prostitute and here you, who are shameful yourself, think you can project shame on me. Well, you can’t! I tell you that all in the town of the dead are going to see me dance on his grave. I’m finally free, but not you, you white-washed sepulcher.”

For just a fraction of a moment, “Witness,” also known as “Christmas Child” by the angels, felt sorry for her elder brother because he had followed everyone of the “Harlot”’s rules and had gained nothing but men’s approval. This self-righteous one had fasted long periods of time; he prayed hours and hours every day; and oh yes, he read the Bible many, many times, but he had nothing for it except “pride.” That lying, cheating prostitute built him up continually because she wanted and loved his money, and he didn’t have a clue. He had been seduced so thoroughly by her lies, that he really believed she loved him. In his eyes, she was “The Great Prophetess” who could not do wrong, and all the people in the “Land of the Dead” saw her as a great one, too. The wretched ones bowed down so much to her, that the material on their clothing had holes in them and their knees bore marks that couldn’t rub off. And worse, her words made terrible imprints on them with a prison number on their souls that they did not realize was there. A multitude of angels cried: “Woe! Woe! Woe!” over these false worshippers, but the Harlot’s idolaters were oblivious to what would happen to them as they, blind and deaf in their spirits, reveled in their worship of their Queen.

On the day that “Witness” was given a seeing glass by “Clarion Call,” her life changed. “Witness” was the only one in the town whose eyes were opened to see “The Beast,” and also to see into heavenly realms. The seer’s gift was not given to her because she was good: On the contrary, she was one of the worst ones, having drunken orgies that lasted all night, every night. She cared for no one but herself.

Her vision and change had come only due to the prayers of her grandmother who had been taken captive by foreigners and placed in prison a faraway place. Having only bread and water for her food, and the words of a book to read left by a former prisoner, her awakening came. That book had words of life in it and she was kept alive through them, and then her prison cell became an altar. The faithful one’s prayers rose up as sweet incense that could be smelled by all in heaven, and every one of her prayers was answered. While she could not visibly see the manifestation of them, she knew by faith that her proclamations could not fail, having no doubt or unbelief that her granddaughter would become a great warrior-maiden, bringing mighty destruction to the kingdom of darkness. This grandmother, known in heaven as “The Prevailing One,” was given dreams of the “Beloved Christmas Child” dancing the “Caramba Dance” that shook the earth, and even parts of heaven.

Only overcomers could do this dance. Yay, the dance couldn’t be learned by any, except by those whose old man was dead. No one in bondage could learn it, because those who were slaves to self, had their feet stepped on all the time by the old man’s invisible power. Their feet would become so sore and bruised that they could hardly walk, much less dance.

Lo and behold: There was “Christmas Child,” the powerful “Witness,” free and dancing on her old man’s grave for all to see because of her dear grandmother’s prayers. The ground trembled under her feet and the bones of not only her old man, but the bones of all the dead, rattled. Their rattlings could be heard in such a high pitch, that they drew owls and vultures to the grave site.

“Listen here, you vultures”, Witness” shouted at them. “There shall be dead men’s flesh for you to eat this day, because my voice has power in it now, and no religious Pharisees shall survive. My words are like chains to bind them, for it is the heritage of righteous widows to do this. Stars are in my feet, and the light from them is like solar-energized swords that can cut into their innards. The evil ones shall not be able to continue in their wickedness because my light breaks barriers. I decree now, that wickedness shall be no longer!”

With a great swaying motion, her skirts swirled, bringing the winds of change forth, and the “Land of the Dead” became like a dust bowl causing dust to cover all of the dead. And oh! oh! oh! The “Serpent” who had grown to the size of a giant was waiting to eat them. They could see “The Beast,” and when they did, they screamed out to the One who could help them. These were to become “Christmas children,” too, because in the “Holy Book” it was written that the dead were to come alive again after they called out to God from the depth of their hearts.

The owl hooted and screeched “No! No! No!” when he saw them. “It can not be,”  …. but it was. The kingdom of God had come, and the old man in every man was going to be recognized for who he was: “A Robber!”

You, who read this story, now know what to do with that robber-…. . Rejoice over his demise and sing “Hallelujah!” The “King of Kings” shall be marrying you widows who depend only on Him, and the dance shall no longer be called the “Widow’s Dance,” but instead, the “Dance of the Bride.” Can you see yourself,…. yes YOU, a widow becoming His glorious bride, being in that number? If you can, the only thing left to be said now is:

“Caramba! Let’s dance!”

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