When The Prince Of Peace Comes

This morning was a “Say what?” “Huh? and another “Say what?” time for me. I picture our Father in Heaven chuckling and saying “I love giving my children surprises,” and for me, His best ones are the hidden meanings in dreams, visions and words.  

Last night three of them came: The first was simply a dream in which a small piece of my big toenail came off and I was sooo happy about it. Several months ago a heavy object landed on that right toe and the nail became blackened due to it. I was surprised to see that months later, all of the nail came off with new growth underneath, except for a tiny portion on the left side. It seems that this toenail has a message in it that happiness is coming when the last of the old in my walk is done away.

The next thing that came in the middle of the night was: “Make ‘Peace’ your God!” and later the word came: “Your fairy tooth is being paid for now!” This fairy tooth word is a shocker! I had forgotten that it was a tradition in my family for children to put their lost baby teeth under a pillow for a fairy to exchange them for money. I believed in that fairy then and had never thought about it until today…. or repented, or broke the curse of believing in a “spirit” and engaging with it. I don’t know quite what to make of the words “Your fairy tooth is being paid for now.” A possibility is that the blood of Jesus is presently being activated concerning it. His blood paid for all our sins when He hung on the cross, but it takes acknowledging the sins we’ve committed, turning away from them and casting out demons before we can experience deliverance and full freedom. I had put my trust in a spirit and got money in exchange for a part of my body…. Is it possible that that spirit has had a right to afflict my body since the time I was a child until now because of it? I’m thinking possibly so as a spirit of infirmity has afflicted me since childhood and I am presently in the fight of my life to gain back the health of my body. I prayed to the Lord asking that every root be exposed, but never did I suspect this to be one.

My dream of the last little bit of the old toenail being removed may be showing a change in my walk. The only information I could find about the symbolic meaning of a toenail had to do with self-worth and confidence. The thought comes to mind that when we put our confidence in anything other than God,… like the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and Santa Claus, that it negatively affects our confidence and faith. God says that we shall have no other Gods but Him, and in our innocence as children, we made Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny as gods without realizing it. We’re told to put away childish things and it may be that this is a type and shadow of leaving the old principles to go on into perfection.

The word “Make ‘Peace’ your God” ties in with it. As long as what was connected with the tooth fairy was still in my life, there could not be peace. When Jesus, Who is the “Prince of Peace,” cast out the demon with His finger, He said that then the kingdom had come. And what is the kingdom but “PEACE, joy and righteousness in the Holy Ghost”? My brethren, every demon that has ever entered us has to be cast out before we can be free,…. before we can become perfect. Yay, when we make ‘Peace’ our God and are led continually by peace, it shall be said of us: “The end of a perfect man has come!”

Oh happy day when the “Prince of Peace” is manifested in us as us!

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