Lips Sealed With Love

“It’s about time!” the angel shouted. “Raphael” had long awaited the hour that he could perform his wonder, but had not been able to do it because the princess had not been ready. She, whose name was “Wonder-To-Come,” could not be revealed to the world until this day.

The heavens were all aflame with great expectation…. They had been waiting for the time that ONLY God’s words would be spoken by the princess, but because her lips hadn’t been sealed with “Love,” she had still been speaking her own words at times. But on this day it would be different because the lips of the King’s daughter were finally sealed.

This one who was made to be a wonder from the day she was born, stood transfixed now before the mirror of “Glory”…. “THIS is who you are!” the mirror spoke almost in a shout. “Yay, you are never to forget that you are the glory of God!” But alas, she looked away from the mirror because the old image of herself, crippled in her body, came flashing back in her mind.

The angel “Raphael” quickly stood in front of her with a scowl on his face…. I know, I know:…. Angels are not supposed to scowl, but this one did every time his work was hindered by a false image. Every deceiving picture and every thought contrary to the Word of God had to be cast down before his wonder-working power could do miracles. The image planted by the Devil that the princess had firmly fixed in her mind was one that had roots in the depth of her being, because the seed of it had been passed down through ten generations. The curse of the bastard child was why the image had such a stronghold.

Trumpets began to blare from heaven making the declaration to all the inhabitants of the earth: “The coming of the King’s daughter is at hand! Behold the work of the Lord and marvel!”

And so it came to pass in that great redeeming work that a red rose was sent to the princess by the way of a dove. He laid it at her feet as he spoke in the gentlest voice: “You must bend low to pick it up,” he urged. “It’s thorn will prick your finger, but you have your Father’s blood in you, “Beautiful One,” and its power shall erase the image fully out of your mind. Through the blood of your Father, the same blood of His Son, the wonder of wonders shall take place, and know this: Others of the King’s daughters shall be given the rose too, and as you each bow low to receive the gift, the change you have longed for shall come.

The angel “Raphael,” who no longer had a scowl on his face, stood there beaming with healing rays coming out of his wings. He put one of them on her shoulders nudging her to obey the dove, knowing that as soon as the blood appeared, healing virtue would flow into every cell of her body. Then standing erect after picking up the rose, she would only need to look in the mirror to see the finished work. The cherubim of “Mercy” and “Goodness” were waiting on each side of it to impart their essence to her, and when she looked, glory to God, she finally saw herself as she truly was,…. whole and complete, needing nothing.

You, who are the other daughters of the King: Know that all things are yours. Bend low now, pick up the red rose, and let the blood of the Son make its power known. It’s time for you, too, to look in the mirror and to behold

“The Wonder”!

Categories: Allegories, Writings

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