Can Pain Be Good?

Has anyone ever told you that you were a pain in the neck? Can you imagine the Lord telling you this?!? Well go ahead and raise your eyebrows, because He’s telling you now…. and me, too, but it’s not what you think. The neck symbolizes the will, and someone’s will that is contrary to God’s, will be having a pain in the neck coming to him or her, and yes, we’re the ones who will be bringing it. Truly, the convicting power that’s in us is painful to the ego and to the will of a carnal man. I dare say, we’re not walking in excellence if people aren’t convicted of their wrong doing by our holiness and purity. Just our presence can bring conviction, even a pain in the neck to those who live unholy lives.

I can’t remember the name of the famous Godly minister, but I do remember hearing that when he walked through a train, people fell down at his feet crying out: “What must I do to be saved?” No, that kind of conviction power hasn’t been demonstrated out of me yet, but I believe it will be, and out of everyone who comes into perfection.

Two nights ago in my sleep I heard the words: “Shadows are turning,” and then I forgot completely about it. However, later during the day, the thought came back again without me trying to recall it. I believe that these words were given to bring an awareness of the new day coming into view that’s bringing in the kingdom age. In the Song of Solomon 2: 17, it’s written: “Until the day breaks, and the shadows flee away, turn my Beloved, and be like a roe or a young hart upon the mountains of Bether.” I see shadows as representing dark images, not the real thing, even the darkness of understanding that’s in our minds. After the new day arrives, there won’t be any shadows or darkness, because no shadows can be cast in the midst of the brightness of the noon day sun.

Bether means “separation,” and when the soul and the spirit are totally one, there will be no separation. So how is it that we’ve experienced separation from our Lord? It has not come from Him, but from our own thoughts and opinions out of our love for the flesh and the natural, …. and especially from the indoctrination of erroneous teachings of the Harlot church which has darkened our understanding and impeded our walk. In his book “Escape From Christendom,” http://awildernessvoice.com/Escape.html the author Robert Burnell, relays a dream that he had, and in it, an ancient one smiles and says: “Christian City is the place for those who want religion, but don’t want to lose their lives.”

In the dream, Christian City is portrayed in contrast to the City of God, and after reading it, a minister and personal friend of mine wrote the following message: “It was clear to me that two revivals are in progress on the earth. One is the revival of the Spirit of God by which dead men are freed from their sins by the Blood of the Lamb and raised to life, which is the life of the sons of God,…. a life which bears God’s nature and manifests God’s mercy. The other revival is the revival of religious flesh which is very appealing and gathers multitudes because it offers all the comfort of religion, while allowing you to keep your ego and all rights to yourself. This is a choice each person must make-…. whether to follow after the works of Christian City or to lose your life and the pursuit of God‘s will and way in your life.” “The Journey Of A Soul Toward Union With God,” by Elaine Cook.

Beloved brethren, it’s time for us to be in full union with God no longer living in the shadows of our teachers and in the shadows of the law, but in the light of Christ. Can you picture the “I AM THAT I AM” sons of God coming now in victory, putting their feet on ungodly ones’ necks? Who ever would have thought a pain in the neck would be a wonderful thing?-

Ah!-….Only GOD!!

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    • How blessed we are to know Him and won’t it be wonderful when we see “only God” manifested in His people? Thank you so much for your comment Barbara. It means a lot to me to have your thoughtful input.

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