The Day Of Cassia

This morning I heard the word “laughter” (the son “Issac” in us) and later while singing in tongues, the words “Cassia’s door” came. As the Lord previously gave the words “The Day of Cassia” to me a few days ago, I knew a new revelation was going to be opened up in the heavens of my mind.

As I began to write this message, I found myself singing the lyrics of an old Christmas song that begins: “Chestnuts roasted on an open fire.” Whoo whee! Don’t you know that there’s laughter and joy on Christmas which correlates to the celebration of the Feast of Lights. I just now heard our Lord saying: “My Bride is coming to me” and I pictured her coming down the aisle dressed in her glory. She’s been made ready with the spice of cassia and other spices, having the fragrance of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Describing this pure one, Psalms 45: 8 states: “All of your garments smell of myrrh (suffering), and aloes (intimacy), and cassia, out of the ivory palaces, whereby they have made you glad.” Without this fragrance and the scent of other spices, we, truly are nothing but form.

Cassia is the inner bark of a tree that resembles cinnamon and is one of the principle spices in the holy anointing oil. It comes from a Hebrew root meaning “to bow down, to pay homage.”

Each one of us that is part of the Bride-company is a tree that produces fruit, even “chestnuts.” We’ve had to be stripped bare, roasted in the fire of purification and be cracked open to have meat to give to a dying world. Ah, it’s taken our candles searching out our innermost being to produce the lovely fragrance of cassia and to obtain the truth that sets us free. So on this “Day of Cassia,” as the smell of our Lord’s fragrance saturates our being, let us bow low, my brethren and delight our Lord by giving all we are to Him.

Then the people of this world won’t be turning up their noses at us…They’ll have a nose for something good!

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  1. This is wonderful and blessed my heart and spirit so very much my friend. Thank you ❤️


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