Getting Out Of Hell On Earth

King David said that if he made his bed in hell, God would be there with him. Many of God’s people are in the midst of hell right now, and God hasn’t left them. No matter what we do or don’t do, He is with us ALWAYS.

Yesterday while praying with a sister in Christ, the words “Pour your guts out” came and immediately, my friend who has been painfully and relentlessly attacked day and night for five years did exactly that: Yes, she let everything come out into the open and I believe that it was in order for her to see what was inside her and I don’t believe that she was sinning against God in doing it. This anointed vessel is a seasoned Christian who knows better than to complain. There’s no question in my mind God wanted her to get in touch with the last of bitterness deep down to get rid of it once and for all. None of us can deal with something until we realize it’s there.

Recently I have been shown why so many Christians do not grow up into the head to become fully transformed. We are called to go from glory to glory, but if we reject the truth due to eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we can not go forward into the next realm of glory. Truly, having erroneous beliefs will keep self’s rule alive and assuredly, we will lose our souls if we don’t deny ourselves and let the cross do its work. Working out the salvation of our souls means we must overcome the world, the flesh and the devil and by doing so, our spots and blemishes will be removed. The bride of Christ will be presented to the bridegroom after all her sins have been overcome and truth is found in her innermost parts, not before.

I want to share a revelation I received yesterday which I believe will set many free. When I sang in tongues over my precious friend, the demons stopped attacking her and she had peace. Isn’t that exactly what happened to Saul when David played his harp? That evil spirit had a right to afflict Saul because he persecuted David. Hear now what the Spirit is saying to us: If we speak against God’s anointed, it’s an open door for demons to afflict us for the Bible says “Touch not my anointed ones, and do my prophets no harm!” This sister was not a “Saul” in the full sense, but making a judgment against a child of God is a serious matter.

I shall give an example I personally experienced in my own life. In ignorance when I was a young believer in Christ, I touched God’s anointed and didn’t realize I had done it. At the very moment I made a railing judgment against Katherine Kulman because she didn’t allow the gift of tongues to be exercised in her meeting, I fell and my leg got broken. I didn’t have the wisdom then to know that in such a huge congregation, there was no way God’s gifts could operate in an orderly manner. My indignation that came when I saw the ushers silence someone who started to speak in tongues in her meeting was NOT of God. If I hadn’t spoken words out in judgment against it to someone when I got home, I believe I wouldn’t have reaped the consequence of my judgment. God in His faithfulness would have revealed the truth to me sometime later on, but when I opened my mouth and railed against Katherine Kulman, I was in trouble. We have life and death in our tongues and I spoke death and brought its effects upon myself.

I often would hear the word “hellfire” in the Spirit when I prayed for people who were tormented by evil spirits. I didn’t know why at the time, but I do now. It’s a serious and costly thing to speak against God’s people in anger. If we call any one of His children evil, woe to us! It’s true that some of His own do evil things, but we now know that their flesh is not their identity. The Apostle Paul plainly wrote that flesh is not who we are and Jesus said: “They know not what they do.” A person may be unaware that a demon is at work in him and yes, Christians can have demons in their souls, but NOT in their spirits.

I remember a dear friend of mine who married a man who beat her up on more than one occasion. When I learned this, I was very angry and just when I was going to make a judgment against him, the Spirit of God stopped me shouting: “DON’T you judge him!” Later, I learned that his father had beaten him unmercifully many, many times when he was a child and that same demon had entered into him. Without the ministry of casting out demons bringing forth deliverance to him, it was inevitable he would do the same thing as his father. Our Lord has compassion on such who can not help themselves.

The Bible makes it clear that we are to judge sins, NOT the person who commits them…. that we are to remember the woman who committed adultery and the words of Jesus about pointing the finger. Indeed if we point our fingers at anyone, we will be the ones who face judgment. Also, anytime the messenger of God’s Word is rejected, people who have come against God’s anointed will go into a decline. As a result, they will not be given fresh bread to give to others, but will only have old bread (past revelations) until repentance does a work in them and God’s message and messenger are embraced.

It is time for all of us to repent of making wrong judgments speaking against God’s children and believing lies (both doctrinal error and lies told to us by men.) The lies we’ve been taught by religious tradition have made the Word of God to no effect and the lies of men that we have believed have damned up our souls. But praise God, when we repent and get cleaned up of these things, we just might find ourselves healed and in the middle of the bridal chamber with our bridegroom.

Oh happy days ahead when we stop judging people amiss, but instead be lovers of them. There’ll be no hell on earth then!

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  1. Wow my friend. This is powerful and such truth! To God be the glory for this revelation and understanding. Praise the Lord!


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